When you docked at the Nexus, Dr. Lexi T'Perro stepped off the ship. Suvi isn't sure where she went.

Acquisition Edit

This mission becomes available when the romance with Lexi has advanced far enough. This will be after Lexi asks Ryder if she is uptight. The next time Ryder lands on the Nexus, Suvi will call Ryder about the whereabouts of the doctor. This starts the mission. An email will also be sent by Anan T'Mari.

You ship's doctor
To Ryder:
From: Anan T'Mari


Your ship doctor's been in the Vortex a fair amount lately. Alone. It's not my business to meddle in customer business, just pour, but you might want to see how she's doing.


Walkthrough Edit

Find Lexi On The NexusEdit

Head to The Vortex on the Nexus.

Lexi is concerned that Peebee thinks she only looks at the crew like experiments. This hurts her as this is what every one of her exes has said to her in the past.

Lexi asks if this is how Ryder views her. Ryder can answer yes or no and the conversation changes slightly based upon the answer given.

Lexi then decides to finish her drinking another day. The conversation then ends and the mission completes.

Note: This mission can be used to advance the romance with Lexi.

Aftermath Edit

Lexi will send an email to Ryder.

Thank you
To: Ryder
From: Lexi


I appreciate you coming to find me on the Nexus. I apologize for running off like that—it was unprofessional and won't happen again. One day, when things calm down, we should get drinks for real. Unwind like friends. Purely platonic, of course.


Rewards Edit

  • None

Bugs Edit

  • Suvi does not always call Ryder to start this mission, leaving it up to chance that Ryder will find Lexi in The Vortex, which will still complete the mission as it is added to the Journal regardless. (Confirmed on PS4.)