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The Legion Assassin is an enemy that Commander Shepard will encounter if the Commander sold Legion to Cerberus after recovering it from the Derelict Reaper in 2185. Once Shepard reaches the high-security lab in the center of Cerberus' Headquarters, the geth unit will descend a ladder and attack. It is very similar to the Nemesis and has a red laser on its M-13 Raptor.

Capabilities Edit


Legion Assassin is armed with a M-13 Raptor sniper rifle.


Legion Assassin has moderate health and shields.

Tactics Edit

  • Legion Assassin is the only enemy of its kind. Because the location where it appears is essentially a narrow corridor, it has little room to maneuver to line up a shot on the player. Rushing Legion Assassin will render its best attack unusable.
  • It would be wise to Biotic Charge Legion Assassin as a Vanguard. This should stun it, rendering it vulnerable to a heavy melee.

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