Lance is a Biotic skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Power Ranks Edit

MEA Detonator Explosive icon

Devastates a small area with a swiftly thrown shaft of energy. Inflicts bonus damage against enemy weak points (such as heads) and detonates combo primers.

Rank Label Icon Description Bonus
1 Lance
MEA Biotic Lance icon
Unlocks Lance skill. Damage: 320

Force: 400

Impact Radius: 1

Recharge Time (s): 10

2 Recharge Speed
MEA Biotic Recharge Speed icon
Increases recharge speed. +10% Recharge Speed
3 Damage & Force
MEA Biotic Damage icon
Increases damage and force. +15% Damage

+15% Force

4 Damage & Force
MEA Biotic Damage icon
Increases damage and force. +20% Damage

+20% Force

4 Radius
MEA Biotic Radius icon
Increases damage radius. +100% Damage Radius
5 Focused Blast
MEA Biotic Focused Blast icon
Increases bonus damage against heads and other weak points. +25% Headshot/Weak Point Bonus
5 Anti-Shield
MEA Biotic Anti-Shield icon-0
Increases damage against shields.
25% Damage vs. Shields
6 Knockdown
MEA Biotic Knockdown icon
Enemies within 1.5m of the blast's impact are knocked to the ground. Only unarmored, unshielded, normal-sized enemies are affected. +20% Damage

+20% Force

6 Shield-Powered
MEA Biotic Shield-Powered icon
Lance has no recharge time, but consumes shields when used. Shield Cost: 45%

Player Notes Edit

Mechanics Edit

  • While the headshot mechanic might seem like it requires careful aim, it can be easily done without aiming down the weapon sights, if the enemy is not too far away.
  • The Shield-Powered tier 6 skill can be paired with multiple shield cost reduction passives, such as Ryder's profiles. The only other power with this mechanic is Nova.
  • Lance reaches its destination nearly instantaneously, meaning that unlike other powers such as Throw or Incinerate, enemies will not be able to the projectile dodge effectively.

Strategies Edit

  • One of the more powerful skills in the game, it is commonly exploited in multiplayer for high experience from combos.
  • Pairs excellently with rifles at long range, especially when the weapon's clip is empty.
  • Combining the Shield-Powered upgrade with Annihilation's Draining Field upgrade allows for frequent use of Lance, especially when used around clusters of weak enemies or with the passive shield power cost reductions from Ryder's passive skills and profiles.

Availability Edit

  • Single-player:
  • Multiplayer: Asari Adept, Asari Duelist, Asari Huntress, Human Kineticist

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