• It begins explosively
  • Boss fight with a minion
  • Lair of the Shadow Broker
  • Deeper into the lair
  • Expose the Shadow Broker once and for all
Cerberus has delivered information on purchases the Shadow Broker has made recently. It may provide the information Liara T'Soni needs to track down the Shadow Broker's location.

Acquisition Edit

A message from Cerberus is sent to Shepard's private terminal after completing the mission on Horizon:

To: Shepard
From: Cerberus Information Processing

We're aware that your old friend Liara T'Soni has been hunting for the Shadow Broker for several years. We wouldn't mind helping her in that hunt, given the Broker's past work for the Collectors. We recently uncovered some information that might give Liara a lead on where to find the Shadow Broker's base of operations, but unfortunately, she doesn't have much faith in Cerberus intel. If you'd visit Illium and pass it on to her as a gesture of goodwill, we'd appreciate it.

On the galaxy map this mission is titled Give Liara Intel.

Preparation Edit

Once you take a cab to Liara's, this mission runs straight through to the very end. You will have no chance to return to the Normandy or the Galaxy Map, despite its length. When you complete the mission, you will be in a system that is a good three to four hundred units of fuel away from a Fuel Depot. Plan accordingly.

Put considerable thought on when you'll be doing this mission. One would be for storyline immersion, another will be for gameplay purposes. There will be dialogue modifications depending on whether you already took the suicide mission or not. You'll want to weigh the relative difficulty of the fighting (the enemies are smart and they are numerous) versus the extremely valuable rewards awaiting you at the end.

You will be facing primarily shielded enemies, so choose your loadout accordingly. Liara becomes a mandatory squadmate after a while - you can try to build around compensating for her limitations.

There will be quite a few "engineer"-class enemies, so strongly consider bringing at least one Overload which in addition to its normal shield-smashing will instantly eliminate their combat drones before they zap you out of cover. A companion with Warp will be able to combo with Liara's Singularity. Also, for the period that you will have one or more of these squadmates with you, most of your enemies will be of the organic, human-sized variety; this makes some alternate strategies involving Dominate and Shredder Ammo and the squadmates who wield them quite viable, and signals that the Arc Projector will be quite powerful throughout.

Walkthrough Edit

Illium Edit

Meet With Liara Edit

Head to Illium and talk to Liara in her office above the trading floor. Liara is ecstatic about the information as it contains some hints about the Shadow Broker’s location in a conversation between Shadow Broker agents. However, the message also contains information that Feron, Liara’s former drell partner, is apparently still alive. Respond to that any way you choose, and then Liara will express that after two years, she didn’t know, and looks at Shepard's old dog tags on her desk.

Liara then gives some of the backstory for Shepard about how even though Feron betrayed her, he still sacrificed himself to save Liara and Shepard. Liara then walks out to begin forming a plan, and invites you to use her terminal for any local intel. If you haven't recruited Samara or Thane yet, then the terminal will have information about them. This is the same information that you would get from talking to Liara normally.

If Samara and Thane are both recruited, there is no intel available on Liara's terminal, so head over to the car port near the police station, and take a cab to Liara’s apartment.

Note: If the Lair of the Shadow Broker conversation option is selected after starting Illium: Liara: Systems Hacking, the hacking mission instantly completes without awarding credits or experience. Therefore, complete it before beginning the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC.

Liara's Apartment Edit

Liara'a apartment
When you arrive, you will find the police are investigating the apartment under the supervision of a Spectre, Tela Vasir. Vasir dismisses the Illium cops and then the conversation will differ slightly if Shepard’s Spectre status was reinstated or not.

Talk to Vasir about the attack and what happened. Apparently, someone attempted to assassinate Liara, and even with that, she still stuck around for some reason. Vasir currently doesn’t have information about her current location however, nor did the cops find anything more. Vasir says that they couldn’t find anything, but she invites you to look around for anything that they may have missed.

Investigate the apartment by looking at specific things:

  • Bullet Holes in Window: Vasir will say that the rifle used to do that wasn’t standard issue, and while Liara’s kinetic barriers stopped the bullets, they still penetrated the glass.
  • N7 Armor: A piece of Shepard’s old armor that Liara recovered.
  • Degree Certificate: Apparently, Liara got a doctorate from the University of Serrice on Thessia. Vasir mentions that she’s getting her money's worth out of that degree.
  • Painting: A view from the planet Ilos, presumably of the tunnels area (previously seen by Shepard and the team). Vasir will claim she doesn't know what planet that is but assures that it isn't Thessia, at which point Shepard recognizes it as Ilos.
  • Picture: On the upper level is a photo album that changes from the SSV Normandy to a Prothean dig site. Tela Vasir comes up and Shepard mentions that Liara did leave a message.
Liara Apartment Gloomy
Investigate the Prothean relics around the apartment:
  • Relic Top Level: Nothing of note except that it is apparently worth a fortune.
  • Relic Near Door: Nothing of note; Tela Vasir thinks it’s ugly.
  • Relic: Bottom of stairs: It contains a backup disk. When played, it shows a recorded conversation between Liara and one of her contacts, Sekat. He apparently has nailed down where the Shadow Broker is and he can narrow it down to a cluster, maybe a system. He asks Liara to come to his office at Baria Frontiers in the Dracon Trade Center.

Dracon Trade Center Edit

When the team arrives, Vasir mentions that the Frontiers office is on the third floor. When the squad gets to the top of the stairs, the building explodes. Three floors of the building were taken out to make sure that Liara didn’t get the information she wanted. Vasir takes off in the skycar to seal off the building from the top, while Shepard and the squad work from the bottom up. Get moving; there are some civilians outside, but they have no information as to what happened, so proceed inside.

When you get inside, the building is a mess from the bombs. There is an employee of Baria on the floor to the right, Tela Vasir mentions that Shepard shouldn’t count on Liara’s contact surviving that blast. There is also a locker here with some credits. The elevator on the left hand side of the atrium is locked down and the building’s security isn’t responding. Vasir mentions that it was professional based on the lack of security and police response. Head up the stairs to the right, there's Medi-gel from the Medical Station along the way.

Illium Dracon Trade Center 1
The next plaza contains the salarian embassy on Illium, Nezo Transportation, both currently locked down, a PDA with some credits, and another medical station. Examining the dead employee reveals that he was killed, not by the explosion but by gunfire. Shepard relays this to Tela Vasir, who is surprised and mentions that this was more than just an explosion after all. Head up the stairs in the center of the plaza to find an ATM with more credits. Off to the right are some power cells, near Exsolar Shipping.

Tip: If you're not short of combat supplies like medi-gel or ammo, leave them for now as you will have a chance to return here later.

Off to the left, there's a military grade bomb that wasn’t armed. Vasir mentions that they employ similar hardware when they don’t have time to plan. Head into the Baria Frontiers Office just past the unarmed bomb.

Examine the log book on the left to find that Liara signed in just a few minutes ago. Head inside, but before you start exploring, take a moment to shoot out the glass logo reading "Baria Frontiers". Take cover beneath the window.

When you approach the window or hallway, the squad is suddenly blinded by a flashbang grenade and now you’re under attack. Shepard radios to Vasir that they are pinned down, she replies that Shepard should say hello to the Shadow Broker’s private army. You are attacked by three Shadow Broker Agents and a Shadow Broker Heavy. There is plenty of cover, so make use of it. You can knock out most of the agents from your spot at the window, but you will often have to head down the hallway on the right to root the Heavy from behind some cubicle desks.

Be careful as you move toward the room that's to the left side of where you entered, because new enemies will spawn there: three Agents, and a Shadow Broker Vanguard. Take them down as quickly as possible because they are a big threat, especially the sturdy Vanguard who can absorb quite a lot of damage. If you headed straight in from the original entry room you'll find the cover situation tricky, but if you are approaching from the right rear with the cubicles (where the Heavy likes to hole up), you'll have a fairly safe approach. There's also a terminal worth 3000 credits in this room.

Illium Dracon Trade Center 2
Once they are down, move your squad up. Keep moving toward/down the rear corridor and you will encounter more Agents and another Heavy. Use the cover to take them out then round the corner to be attacked again, this time by more Agents, Heavies, and a Shadow Broker Engineer. The small "diagonal" box where the back corridor debouches into the next big room is a good starting cover while you survey the room. There will only appear to be one enemy at first, but as soon as you engage the rest will arrive.

Advance slowly, and only after eliminating some enemies, as many more will spawn suddenly as you approach the other end of the corridor. The Engineers have Combat Drones and the Agents have Flashbang Grenades, so be prepared to shift cover locations when necessary. You may find it safer to hide among the cubicles and desks on the right side of this corridor, since it exposes you to fewer enemies at a time and allows you to pick some off individually.

When the enemies are finally down, there is a terminal with more credits in the side room, and a medical station in the cafeteria at the end of the hallway. Also, on a purely aesthetic note, there is quite a nice display of planetary mining locations in the room with the cubicles -- if you played the original Mass Effect you will have Mako flashbacks.

Head around the corner to see the stairs blocked by fire, but don’t try to go into it; the results won't be good. Shepard radios Vasir about it and she says to find a switch to active the fire suppression systems. It's in the side room right to your left where you can find the maintenance console and a crate of eezo. Once the suppression systems are active, don’t leave the room as the machinery is salvageable, more credits, then leave. Vasir mentions that she is on her way down, so move up to meet her.

On the upper level, be prepared for more combat with three more Agents. Use the limited cover to take them out, and have your squadmates flank, then head into the room they were guarding. Inside is a research terminal, Heavy Pistol Damage, grab it and keep moving into the next room and grab the credits from the wall safe. Open the door to continue.

Illium Tela Shoot Merc
Inside you see Liara’s contact being shot by one of the Broker’s Agents. Tela Vasir then shoots the Agent, who falls dead when Shepard and the squad enter. Vasir asks about Liara’s body, then Liara herself emerges wielding a pistol at Vasir. Attempt to defuse the situation, but Liara will mention that Vasir tried to kill her. Shepard and the squad pull their guns, and Liara tells the story about how Vasir signaled the Shadow Broker's Agents and broke into Liara's apartment. Vasir then killed Saket and took his data, which she probably still has on her.

Vasir tries to get away, by using her biotics to shatter the glass and calling Liara a pureblood while she’s at it. However, Liara throws up a barrier to protect the squad and Vasir makes a run for it. Shepard tackles her, and then they fly out the window. Vasir cushions their fall with her biotics and has a small scuffle with Shepard. Then Liara leaps out of the office, also using her biotics to cushion her fall while the squad watches.

Vasir, now outnumbered, makes a run for it. Liara follows closely behind, blowing past two Shadow Broker Agents in the process. The squad rejoins Shepard in the plaza where more agents emerge from the Eldfell-Ashland Energy office, allowing Vasir to escape. Deal with the guards and continue pursuing Vasir.

Pursue Vasir Edit

Illium Tela Escape
Take out the Agents with haste. There are two Agents and a Heavy to deal with initially, so keep to cover. When they fall, more Agents and a Vanguard emerge, so use the fountain in the center for cover. It not only provides effective cover, but allows for a wide field of fire. Indeed, if it happens to be useful for your tactics, you're actually allowed to get into the fountain.

When they all fall, the benefit of leaving the power cells alone earlier will become apparent -- make a quick trip up the central stairs to retrieve them, and the ammo of all your weapons will be replenished. Now head downstairs and into the atrium. Inside, grab the cover provided by the bench to your left -- resist the tempting large circular column straight in front of you, as its shape makes for more difficult aiming and you aren't allowed to slide smoothly back and forth around the pole.

Take down the ten or so Agents, the Heavies, and the Engineers that try to stop you (the mix appears to vary somewhat by difficulty setting). They will keep coming from the door in waves, so stick to cover and target them as they walk in. Overload can be used to instantly destroy the Combat Drones that the Engineers produce, and it's a good idea because getting dislodged from cover by a drone with this many enemies nearby can produce deadly results.

Tip: You can prevent most waves of enemies from spawning by getting to the far corner of the room where the Heavy is. This is most easily done by an Engineer, who need only send the Combat Drone to that side of the room. Vanguards can charge over, Infiltrators can sneak over, etc.

When they are all finally down, gather up ammo and head out the door to find Liara and Vasir engaged in a firefight. Vasir calls her X3M and then jumps into it. Liara then grabs a taxi, followed by Shepard. You can only select one squad member to come with, but remember that Liara is a biotic so pick carefully. On the other hand a squadmate with Warp to detonate Liara's Singularity is quite handy. Since Miranda has both Warp to combo with Liara and Overload to take down shields, she makes an excellent pairing. Other notable strategies include Thane who combines Warp combo powers with Shredder Ammo for all the upcoming organic enemies, and the easily-forgotten Morinth whose Dominate can run all the organics in circles attacking each other. When you select your squadmate, hope you have that driver’s license handy as now you have to pursue Vasir through the skies of Illium.

Sky Way Chase Edit

Illium Skyway Chase
When you get control of the X3M, use the following controls to steer the vehicle:
  • Xbox 360/PlayStation 3: Use the left stick to navigate, the right to steer, and the left trigger to boost.
  • PC: Use your mouse and normal movement keys to move forward and steer (default W, A, D), and the spacebar to boost.

Keep following Vasir through the skies, and watch out for the traffic, and every other obstacle. Above all, don’t lose Vasir. Just keep in mind that boosting reduces the amount of control you have. If you lose Vasir, the chase will restart. Your boost is more effective if you use it in bursts, especially right after changing directions, rather than simply holding it down.

Liara will be commenting the whole time, which Shepard usually replies to, and the conversations are usually funny. Sometimes, however, her conversations help with direction. After a period of time, Vasir will start dropping proximity bombs, so avoid them, lest you lose speed. Then Liara mentions that Vasir has reinforcements, and Shepard asks if the car has any weapons, to which Liara replies, "It’s a taxi, it has a fare meter," so that would be a no.

Keep following Vasir and try to avoid a head on collision. Eventually, you are treated to a cutscene where Vasir tries to ram Shepard and the squad out of sky, while dodging traffic, but only succeeds in colliding with another skycar, and damaging hers. She crashes on a building, the Azure Hotel, and is approached by a LOKI Mech, which is then destroyed. Shepard and the squad see the crash and land their intact cab on the top of the building to pursue Vasir, who radios for backup.

Rooftop Chaos Edit

Illium Azure Mercs
You now have Liara as a squad member. She is armed with Heavy Pistols and Submachine Guns. She also has her class Power Asari Scientist, Singularity, Stasis, and Warp, which is unlocked with Singularity at level two.

IMMEDIATELY stop and make sure you distribute Liara's squad points to her abilities as it will not be done automatically. Tip: For both of the major "boss" enemies to come in this mission, Stasis will stun or at least distract them even when they have full shields/barriers/armor. It also instantly destroys the flying drones you will encounter from time to time, and of course it has its traditional ability to simplify a combat by temporarily removing a flanking enemy, with the added bonus that the enemy falls down at the end of the stasis. For these reasons fully upgrading Liara's Stasis with the Enhanced Stasis evolution is strongly recommended, particularly on higher difficulty levels.

When you regain control, grab the med-kit from the car while Liara makes a note about Vasir’s car and how she can’t have gotten far. Head up the stairs only to be ambushed by three to five waves of Shadow Broker Agents and Engineers. The first wave will be to your front, the second and third off to either the left or right on the upper platform, or behind you on the lower platform, so plan your cover appropriately. However, the subsequent waves will not appear until the previous one has been eliminated. On higher difficulties, the next wave flies in after a squad has been reduced to one member, so move quickly and eliminate the enemy before you are flanked by the new arrivals.

Also, keep an eye on your ammo, as it might be running low by now. Waves on the lower platform will be a little more difficult because of the skycars on the lower platform. There may be as many as five waves in total so once they are all down, move around and grab thermal clips, as your ammo might be low. Near the door that the first wave blocked is a bank terminal, access it for 1500 credits.

Hardcore/Insanity Tip: Try to hit the reinforcements with Overload while their hovercars are still landing. They are so tightly packed that you could hit them all, even without Area Overload. The Arc Projector, Grenade Launcher, or Blackstorm are also good before they all ditch the hovercar and start spreading out. Regardless of the difficulty level, using such techniques as each wave approaches makes this fight noticeably easier and less time-consuming.

Note: Try to avoid having your squad or Shepard use airborne powers (Pull, Throw, Slam, Shockwave, Concussive Shot) as these can eject an enemy from the battle area. There isn't any fall damage. As such, the Merc stays alive - out of the play space - and prevents subsequent waves from showing up or the scripted crash from occurring. Your only choice out of such a situation would be to reload an earlier save. Even Singularity can unfortunately sometimes create this situation, especially if you then detonate it with Warp. The good news is that Azure is the only part of the mission plagued with this problem - you can Singularity & detonate freely once you reach the Shadow Broker's base.

Now head to the left side of the platform and go into the glass walled room; it’s the only one with a green door sign. Once you get inside, you hear a conversation, but bypass the wall safe on your right first and the med-kit ahead of you. Then head into the room where there is a patron on the ground, but talking to him accomplishes nothing, so talk to Liara about the video. She will provide some information about the hotel and its name, as well as give you another good laugh.

Head out to Vasir’s car where Liara will note that there is a blood trail; Vasir was wounded in the crash. There are some power cells in her car and access the broken panel for a Damage Protection Upgrade. Follow the blood trail until it reaches another room. Inside, there is a lot of dead bodies, but some more interesting things. In the room on your right is a Weapons Locker, so switch weapons if you need to, and a med-kit. In the main room is a Medical Station and a personal datapad with some credits, grab both before leaving.

Illium Tela Hostage
When you exit the second door, the blood trail leads to Vasir, who is still walking and trying to blend in. However, Liara pulls a gun and she stops. Vasir immediately grabs a civilian to use as leverage, then she puts her gun to her hostage’s head. With a few Paragon or Renegade choices, you can avoid hurting the hostage. Shepard talks to Vasir while Liara biotically levels her with a table. However, if you don’t or can't pick either of those options due to insufficient morality points, you will have to either lose your power cells or wound the hostage. Regardless of how the situation is handled, the result is a fight with Vasir.

Note: There have been multiple reports of level 30 characters being unable to select the Renegade/Paragon dialogue option, even with a full Renegade/Paragon bar. This is because of how morality works in Mass Effect 2. If you run into this you may need to further maximize morality points by selecting the +100% Paragon/Renegade class power evolution as opposed to the +70% Paragon/Renegade class power evolution.

Fight Vasir Edit

Illium Tela Charge Begin
Tela Vasir has vast amounts of barriers, armor, and health. While you outnumber her three to one, she still presents a tough challenge. Vasir will use her biotics to charge around the battlefield, making her sometimes hard to hit.

When you damage her to about half of her barriers, she will jump out of the fight, leaving you to deal with two Rocket Drones and two Shadow Broker Engineers. Keep in cover during this fight as they will use Incinerate and Combat Drones, and the rockets from the flying Rocket Drones can be hazardous to your health.

When you defeat the first wave, Vasir makes a reappearance, so watch out and employ the same tactics as before. Keep her on her toes, keep shooting her, and when her barriers are gone, she’ll leave again. Deal with the second wave of Rocket Drones and Engineers, two of each once again. Just remember to keep in cover.

After defeating this second wave, Vasir drops back in one final time. She will still continue to charge around the battlefield, so keep moving. Once her armor is down, use any power you have to tie her up and then proceed to let her have it.

Illium Tela Intermission
Tip: Once Vasir's barrier and armor are down, knocking her off the building ends the fight immediately even if her health has not been completely drained. This is most easily done by first lifting her using Singularity or Pull and following up with a well placed Throw, Concussive Shot or even a Charge if Shepard happens to be a Vanguard. Vasir reappears for the fight's ending cutscene even if she is knocked off the building in combat.

Once Vasir is finally down, you are treated to a cutscene where Liara takes the disk and finds the information they need, and Vasir continues to protest. Shepard asks why Vasir betrayed the Council, which she rebuffs by saying that she didn't do what Saren did. She had been getting information from the Shadow Broker for years, information that apparently saved lives. Doing a few morally questionable tasks for the Broker is a price that she'll gladly pay.

Shepard can rebuff Vasir, but she reminds Shepard of why the Spectres exist: to do the Council's dirty work. Then she brings up Cerberus and how Shepard is allied with them. Respond to that and Vasir reminds Shepard of a few of Cerberus' choice experiments. The Commander had better look in a mirror before Shepard can compare to Vasir and what she's done. If Shepard is a Sole Survivor, then she mentions how Cerberus was responsible for the thresher maw attack on Akuze. Then Vasir takes her last breath.

Illium Liara Thoughts
Shepard heads back inside where Liara is examining the disk. Apparently, the Shadow Broker really wanted Liara dead, and didn’t care about the collateral damage. Shepard arrives to inform Liara of Vasir’s death, and Liara forwards the data to the Normandy. A series of interrupts can then be taken in rapid succession.

You can use the first Paragon interrupt to convince Liara that they will rescue Feron in time. If the interrupt is taken, Liara reminds Shepard of their past, and how Shepard saved her on Therum, and fought the Krogan Battlemaster while she cowered in fear. She talks about how Shepard always helped her, and how she is still leaning on Shepard. Is that a good thing? Yes, because that is what friends do.

She goes on to talk about how they will get there and how the Normandy’s stealth systems will keep them from being detected. Because the Broker’s agents are still fighting through Illium, and with a bit of luck, they will be able to escape without being noticed. A second Paragon interrupt will have Shepard bringing up how they killed innocent people. Liara responds, then Shepard reminds Liara about how she went after Vasir without a second thought, and aggressively. She then brings up Sekat and how she put him in harm’s way with the stakes involved and how she got him killed. However, things will be simpler now, get to the Shadow Broker, get Feron, and get out.

There is a third interrupt opportunity, and if you romanced Liara in Mass Effect, then this interrupt will give you a chance to talk "about us". Liara explains what she went through for the last two years, and how Shepard can't expect that to instantly vanish. She apologises and asks if they can just focus on getting Feron back, to which Shepard agrees. If you are currently engaged in another romance, such as with Tali'Zorah nar Rayya or Garrus Vakarian, Liara will also comment on that, saying that her career as an information broker leads her to find out various things, including about Shepard.

Hagalaz Edit

The Shadow Broker’s Ship Exterior - Part 1 Edit

Note: You have the opportunity to select your squad again, but you do already have Liara, so you can only select one additional squadmate, same as you did prior to chasing Vasir in the vehicle.

You will be facing the same set of mostly-shielded, mostly organic enemies as before, plus the addition of occasional mechs. There will be places where biotic throws and pulls can be used to excellent effect, and likewise opportunities to detonate Liara's Singularity, so choose your squadmate with those facts and tradeoffs in mind.

You are then treated to a cutscene where the Normandy launches the Kodiak over a planet where the Broker’s ship is located. Liara talks about the planet and its weather conditions, how the oceans freeze and boil, and how the planet is a maelstrom near the twilight band, which is what the Broker’s ship follows. She also talks about how they will have to land and seek out a hatch to get inside. Liara also states that they can’t stay outside for very long, as the weather and lightning can be a problem.

When you regain control, Liara mentions that while she can’t get a visual, she is picking up a massive communications array at the back of the ship. She says that there is nothing but maintenance areas under it, so that is where they have to get to. Proceed left along the hull, and watch out for the Maintenance Drones. They are basically Combat Drones, but Liara mentions they are probably attacking because they think the squad is debris from the storm. There will be two pairs before you get to a ramp with some salvageable components on it for 3000 credits, grab them and proceed.

As you come up onto the catwalk, Liara will mention that those capacitors discharge the lightning strikes, but then some more Agents pop up. Shoot the capacitors to make this an easy fight. Once they are down, you can just walk right past the capacitors and down to the left. As you get onto the lower platform, you come across three LOKI Mechs, get into cover and deal with them with your guns. Or you can just biotically throw them over the side. Keep moving and when you get to the next area, you will find another capacitor, Agents, and an Engineer. Again shooting the capacitor makes it easier, but also if you can get the enemies off the ground, then the wind can just take them away.

Note: While on the outside of the Shadow Broker's ship, using some biotic powers that lifts enemies off the ground, such as Pull, will cause enemies to fly away into the storm, instantly killing them. Slam however sometimes will not work for this purpose, unless you can cast it on an enemy exactly when it is leaping over an obstacle or combo it with Singularity. Singularity by itself will often not impart enough height to enemies to fly into the storm either, unless it is cast on top of a ledge as well.

When you are in the clear, activate the Rod Controls to lower a lightning rod, and then duck into the trench it left because more enemies are present. This time you have Agents, and Engineer and a Vanguard to deal with, but you again have a lighting capacitor, so blasting it is a good idea. When you get to the lower platform again, more LOKI Mechs are there to greet you. Take them out and proceed, but don’t pass up the Capacitor Components on your left for some more credits.

Keep following the path to your right, and down you will go almost to the keel before encountering a small area in the exterior hull where two Agents and three LOKIs are waiting. Get into cover, and focus on whichever enemy seems the most dangerous. It's a tight area so don't let anything approach too close; you can retreat back up the ramp if the mechs get too close or a flashbang lands at your feet. When the enemies are down, follow the ramps up to a door, and enter.

The Shadow Broker’s Ship Exterior - Part 2 Edit

Hagalaz Shadow Broker Engine
When you get inside, Liara will mention that the ship must have taken decades to build in secret. Shepard wonders where the contractors went. At the engines, Liara will mention that if the engines stop for even a moment, it will be disaster, but at least the Shadow Broker will go down with them. "Comforting". A little further along is a refined palladium crate and some more power cells, grab both before moving on. There is one final talking point, select the motion dampeners to hear Liara say that they probably can’t even feel the storm from inside the ship.

Head back outside and follow the ramps. At the bottom is a medical station so grab the Medi-gel while you pass. When you reach the very top of the ramps, find cover because there’s more of that private army up here.

This particular group has everything, Vanguards, Engineers, and Agents. Use the lightning capacitors to weaken them, and then finish them off, but be careful as the overload from the capacitors can damage you and your squad as well. Again, biotically lifting baddies will cause them to fly away, so use that if you can, too. When you defeat them all, crawl over the barriers, and then find cover again on the far side as two more agents will attack. They are easy to deal with, so make sure that they are dealt with quickly. Keep going down and then find cover again as three LOKI Mechs are waiting for you. Deal with the LOKIs, follow the path, then back up you go.

Hagalaz Shadow Broker Defense
When you reach the top, be expecting company, or rather they were expecting you. At the top is a Heavy, two Agents, and a Vanguard. Deal with them any way you choose, no capacitors to help you this time, then move on. The Vanguard is probably the most dangerous because of her willingness to approach to close range, but if she's out of sight just take out whoever is available.

When you manage to get to the top of the hull, activate the panel controls to continue. A small path will open in the panels, head through it and when you get to the other side, go right, drop down, and then find cover. Two Agents will be there to meet you, so deal with them then shift to deal with the enemies to your left which will consist of more Agents, a Vanguard, and a few Engineers. Capacitors are available to help deal with these tough opponents, but be careful of the strange geometry of the cover here - not everything that looks like cover will work very well. When they all fall, move up but keep to cover as more Agents and a Heavy are right around the corner.

When you are in the clear again, head to the bottom to collect some Conductor Components for 3000 credits, and then get up to the top to retract another rod. Once that one is down, move along the catwalk where Shepard comments about no guard rails and how it must be a joy to patrol the hull. Liara counters with at least there is a nice view. When you reach the end, there is a medical station and your way inside. Tip: Before activating the door, take a moment to explore the surroundings, noting the location of spare ammo cartridges, lightning capacitors, and good cover spots. When you activate the door, Liara starts to hack it, and now you must defend it over Shepard’s objections about her not testing it.

Defend the Door Edit

Hagalaz Shadow Broker Door Crack


  • If you die at any time during this fight, you will have to restart from the beginning of the fight, auto-save or not. Be careful!
  • There are a couple ammo cartridges on each side near the center aisle, but they do not respawn. Any additional ammo resupply for this rather long fight will have to come from taking what the enemies drop.

Get into cover as the Shadow Broker doesn’t like what you are doing. First, the enemies will come from the left (as you stand with your back to the door), but be warned they can flank you easily so keep an eye out. The enemies will be everything the Shadow Broker can throw at you, Heavies, Vanguards, Agents, and Engineers, so just keep your cool and focus on them one at a time. Don’t forget about using the capacitors, especially if you are a biotic, as they'll help to strip out your enemies' defenses, allowing you to use any biotic power that lifts them (especially Slam), so the storm can take them out for you, making this fight significantly easier.

When the first wave falls, there will be some brief dialogue. While that is happening, turn around because now they are coming from your rear -- you may want to cross to the other side of the center aisle to take cover. Call any fragile squadmates back to you immediately each time you switch sides, as they will tend to bravely sacrifice themselves by remaining too near the oncoming foes. Follow the same steps as before and you should be fine. Just keep the enemies in front of you, rather than on your flanks or behind you.

When the second wave falls, now there will be four Rocket Drones coming from the bow, turn to meet them and find cover while you’re at it. Liara's Stasis will destroy a Rocket Drone instantly, so make repeated use of that.

When the drones fall, Liara mentions that the mercs would be more effective if they all attacked at once. Shepard playfully replies by saying “Please, don’t give the mercs ideas.” The fourth wave comes again from the left, so get into appropriate cover to deal with them. Finally, the fifth wave arrives from the right, like the second, with the mercs apparently taking Liara’s advice. Well, at least there will be less to deal with inside: “Yeah, keep dreaming, T’Soni." This wave will also include Rocket Drones, so keep on the lookout for them and hit them with Stasis. When the fifth wave falls, the door opens. Rush inside before the mercs get more ideas!

The Shadow Broker’s Ship Interior Edit

Hagalaz Shadow Broker Interior
Note: All your thermal clip ammo will be refilled at this point.

Once inside, more of the Broker’s private army rush to intercept you. In the first hallway, there are two Agents, an Engineer, and a Heavy. The cover geometry throughout this section is exotic and diagonal, so you may have to get creative. From the position Shepard begins in, you will be unable to use squadmate powers on enemies while in cover - their line of sight will be considered blocked, so you have the choice to do without their powers for a bit, step briefly out of cover whenever you want to activate their powers, or rush forward to a different cover spot a bit further down the hallway on the left.

Use the cover wisely and take out those that are in your way. When you defeat the enemies in the first hallway, round the corner and keep to what little cover there is because the next hallway has more of the same, just more of them and a Vanguard to boot. Keep moving up when you can and keep shooting above all else. Proceed forward and up the stairs. Liara will mention that she downloaded the ship's layout and that they are heading towards the Prison Block and Feron.

When you round the next corner, there will be a Vanguard standing watch with two Agents and an Engineer. Again the exotic diagonalness of the cover, combined with the tendency of enemies to jump through "windows" to flank you, means you'll need to be creatively careful. Open fire and take them out before they have a chance to do the same to you. When they are down, the door at the end of the hallway won’t open, so backtrack a little and head into the room they were guarding. Inside the room are some credits on the terminal and a med-kit. Bypass the door, to get access to Feron, and Liara’s objective.

Hagalaz Shadow Broker Feron Chair
When you bypass the door, Liara runs down to try and release Feron, but instead shocks him. Feron explains that if he is pulled out now, then his brain will fry. They must cut the power from central operations first. Any time Feron tries to answer a question he gets shocked, so ask quickly. When you finish your conversation, get back into the main room and into cover.

Three Agents and a Vanguard will be on the attack, but they are also out of cover. Put them down before they have a chance to get into cover -- the last couple you may have to carefully dislodge. When they fall, head to the previously locked door, and proceed.

Follow the hallways until you reach a security checkpoint with just a single Agent. Put him out of his misery then take the credits and Medi-gel from the checkpoint. As you enter the final room, a cutscene plays. Meet the Shadow Broker.

Confront the Shadow Broker Edit

Broker in the Shadows
Shepard and the squad storm the Broker’s office, where the Broker calmly awaits them. Shrouded in darkness, the Broker is clearly a species never encountered. Civilly asking if Shepard and Liara are here for Feron, the Broker will note Shepard's actions are reckless, even considering the Commander's history.

After Shepard and the Broker trade words, Liara demands Feron. The Broker reminds her that her own actions put Feron in his situation. If the Collectors have not yet been defeated, the Broker will state that their offer for Shepard still stands. If the Collectors have been defeated, the Broker announces his intention to use the Normandy's IFF to salvage any remaining Collector tech.

Ignoring Liara's threats, the Broker notes the team's third squad member, and arrogantly disregards Liara, as he knows all her secrets. In response, Liara identifies the Broker as a yahg, likely taken from his world as a trophy or pet. Enraged at this reminder of his pathetic origins and Liara's defiance, the Broker smashes his desk and throws it at Shepard, knocking out the third squad member, who becomes unavailable for the remainder of the battle.

Note: While you and Liara speak with him, the Shadow Broker will also comment on your third squadmate. Depending on who that squadmate is, his comment on them will change accordingly.

Kill the Shadow Broker Edit

Yahgbroker shieldup
The first part of this fight isn’t hard, just keep shooting him in the face and moving from cover to cover if he gets too close.

When the Shadow Broker's shields and armor are destroyed, a short cutscene will play where he raises a kinetic barrier which deflects both energy and bullets; time to do this the old-fashioned way. Run up and melee the Broker before he has a chance to respond. You are then treated to a short cutscene involving Shepard and the Broker in a short fist fight. Before Shepard can come around again, the Broker uses his Omni-tool to raise a shield which blocks all bullets. His shields and armor are also fully restored.

Repeat the same process you did before, keep shooting and move to avoid getting too close to the Broker. Be warned that when he charges now, he will go right through cover, so get out of the way. Now is a good time to use distracting tactics to get on his unprotected sides: the Broker can't see through Tactical Cloak, the Broker can be distracted by Combat Drones, and so on.

When you destroy the Broker’s shields and armor, he will again go into the state. Melee him before he comes out of it - if you don't get there in time you will have to do this part over again. You are again treated to a cutscene. The Broker takes a few more hits before control is returned to you.

The third time, everything is the same, but the Broker will make more mistakes and fumble more easily. This time when you destroy his shields and armor, melee him to witness the Broker's fall. The cutscene shows Shepard providing a distraction while Liara gets ready. On Shepard's cue, Liara brings down the electrified liquid in the tank set above the Broker. The liquid causes the Broker's barrier to malfunction and explode from an extreme overload, destroying the Shadow Broker for good.

Meet the New Shadow Broker Edit

Shadow broker takeover

As the squad picks themselves up, the camera cuts to Feron’s cell; the power cuts, and Feron is gone. The scene shifts back to the Broker’s office and all of the various Broker agents begin asking for updates at the same time. While Shepard helps the other squadmate up, Liara focuses on the communications. She looks like she is going to be overwhelmed, then puts her head down, and walks forward.

Liara makes a few taps on the panel and communicates that the situation is under control, using the old Broker’s voice modification, and makes up a story. Feron, who is running away, hears it and then doubles back. Feron storms into the Broker’s office, pulling his gun, but stopping dead when he sees it’s Liara. He starts asking questions, but Liara explains that she is the new Shadow Broker. You can ask if this is what she wants, and she is sure. Feron excuses himself by saying he’s going to check the power systems, and your other squadmate goes with him.

Shepard can comfort Liara with a hug, who says that it’s over... after two years it's finally over (a brief kiss can also be shared if you romanced her). There is a very brief paragon interrupt available if Liara is your romance option, to confirm the relationship.

She walks over to the computer and notes that there are no safeguards or user restrictions, almost like he would be the only one to be in this office. Liara mentions that she will have more for you later, and maybe turn the operation around. When you leave, she says that the door is always open and that Shepard is welcome back any time. Shepard can subsequently invite Liara over to the Normandy regardless of whether she was romanced in Mass Effect. However, if she was romanced, this will partially alter the dialog and Shepard and Liara can talk "about us".

You now have permanent access to the Shadow Broker Base, which you should explore as it offers much of interest. If you are romancing Liara, you can invite her to the ship now, or in a later visit. You can also have a conversation with Feron.

Enemies Edit

Mission Summary Edit

Shepard has defeated the Shadow Broker. Eliminate Cerberus information leaks as Liara T'Soni takes over. The asari's relationship with Shepard should be watched closely.

Trivia Edit

  • In Azure, the room with the patterned carpet and red curtained walls seen during the "Lustful Video" that Liara will comment on is a replica of the "Red Room" from the television show Twin Peaks.
  • In the final battle, the Unity icon will be white in the HUD power wheel, even though the eliminated third squad member cannot be revived. Using it will only restore Shepard's health.
  • The Mission Summary Screen is currently bugged and displays incorrect values for Credits Found. The actual amount of credits you can find is 54,000, but you will get 90,000 credits regardless of what is displayed on the Mission Summary Screen. If you collect more than 45,000 credits, the Cerberus funding will fill in the rest up to 90,000 credits, and if you collect less than 45,000 credits, then you will get only 45,000 credits in Cerberus funding. Any credits you get from Medi-gel and Power Cells that you collect are not taken into account and are added on to your Credit Total after the 90,000 credit Limit from Credits Found and Cerberus Funding has been reached. Example: Collected Credits: 48,000, Cerberus Funding: 42,000, Credits from Medi-gel and Power Cells: 700, Credits Earned: 90,700.

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