The L-89 Halberd is an assault rifle in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Description Edit

The sleek L-89 Halberd favors power and precision. The semi-automatic rifle was the Andromeda Initiative's attempt to make a weapon on par with the reliable M-96 Mattock that also used Initiative breakthroughs in materials science. Only a few were made but their effectiveness in the field is unquestioned.

Notes Edit

  • Codes to unlock the L-89 Halberd in multiplayer were given out via a LogiTec promotion over Twitter.

Bugs Edit

  • The L-89 Halberd cannot be found past rank I and its blueprint is not available at all.
  • While its name never changes past rank I, more powerful versions can be purchased from the weapons merchant on Kadara as the player increases in level.