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Krogan Prisoners are members of the krogan race who were kidnapped by Cerberus and subsequently used for experimentation. Randall Ezno encounters them on the Barn space station during his escape.

Tactics Edit

  • Their high health and armor may be intimidating but Krogan Prisoners don't take cover and lack regenerating shields. As such, simply firing high DPS M-96 Mattock Auto or the M-333 Particle Beam mixed with abilities like Salvo is the best way to take them down. However, like most of the krogans, their health bar will regen at a high rate.
  • Like with other humanoid enemies, their heads act as a weak spot, and shots landing there inflict bonus damage.
  • They can be equipped either with M-333 Particle Beams or M-22 Eviscerator shotguns. They will close in rapidly regardless of weapon used, and their Berserker charge does a lot of damage and will force you to get out of cover.
  • Because they are immune to Leash, using a biotic Pull is the best way to stop their charge.
  • Keep your distance from these adversaries and use your Tactical Cloak if they get too close to get away.

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