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Krogan Commander
ME-Enemy Container-HME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-S
Race Krogan
Type Organic
Armament Shotgun
Abilities Class Power ME2 Icon Berserker Charge
Class Power ME2 Icon Krogan Regeneration
Carnage Carnage
Warp Warp
Throw Throw
Immunity Immunity
Health High
Shields High
Locations Feros

The Krogan Commander is the commander of Saren's troops on Feros.

The Krogan Commander was in charge of destroying the Thorian after Saren had obtained the information on the Cipher. The Krogan Commander was attempting to access restricted files from the ExoGeni VI, and getting frustrated in the process, when he was ambushed by Shepard and the squad during their investigation into geth activities.

Tactics Edit

  • The Krogan Commander is armed with a shotgun, and given where he is, it works well for him. Because of the confined area, using biotics and just pumping lead into him will work.
  • Lift can be useful, especially when Throw is used right afterward to send him flying down the stairs.
  • Like all krogan, if he is not killed in the air, or by ammunition/grenades that destroy the target upon killing them (like incendiary, toxic, or high explosive), then he will regenerate once before dying.

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