Raelis, an Angaran Resistance fighter, wishes to speak to you on Voeld.

Acquisition Edit

After rescuing the Moshae during A Trail of Hope, you receive an email:

Message from Voeld: Intel on Kett

To: Ryder
From: Raelis

Greetings, Pathfinder!

My name is Raelis. I serve the Angaran Resistance. Some of our scouts have returned with interesting information about the kett that I'm certain will intrigue you. I will wait for you on Voeld. Please come soon!


After acknowledging it, you will acquire this mission.

Walkthrough Edit

Meet with Raelis on Voeld Edit

Find and talk to Raelis in the Resistance base; she is near Intelligence Officer Kaas. She informs you that kett movement has increased in certain parts of Voeld, and that people are worried they are continuing or furthering exaltation. Ryder agrees to check out the kett base.

Go to the kett facilityEdit

Upon nearing the navpoint, a party member will comment that this is the location Raelis gave you. Eliminate the kett around the building. Once inside, you receive two objectives simultaneously: Search the facility for any useful data and Collect kett bio samples.

Search the facility for any useful dataEdit

Activate the data pad inside the building, and access the Recording: Operations Log ZR-2851. It contains data on what the kett are doing with the angaran genome. They are especially interested in the angaran bioelectrial properties.

Find more dataEdit

Another data pad has the audio file Recording: Operations Log ZK-7539. The kett have problems with communication to the home world: Possible breakdown in communications and information mishandled, it says.

Find additional dataEdit

On another data pad is the audio file Recording: Operations Log ZT-9329. The speaker's team suspects that their communications are being prevented from leaving Heleus. They intend to verify that the primary communications is working. Ryder picks up a navpoint to a kett communications station.

Collect kett bio samples (0/3)Edit

Use the scanner to search for syringes in the building, then interact with the syringe to collect data from it.

The objective is completed when Ryder has found samples from a fiend, an exalted kett soldier, and a Kett Ascendant. There are some other syringes too, but no useful data can be retrieved from them.

SAM's analysis: All samples contain the same genetic sequence, implying they come from the same individual and are incorporated in other kett. Ryder concludes that this individual is the Archon. That seems to be what exaltation is. The data is sent back to the science team on the Nexus.

Go to the kett communications stationEdit

This objective starts when all the above objectives are completed. The easiest way to get to the station is from the north side.

Investigate the comm stationEdit

Defeat the kett forces, then go into the building and activate the datapad. It's the second reminder to the Archon that he has failed to report to the senate on the kett homeworld. The Archon is ordered to send an update report.

Search for more informationEdit

On an audio log nearby, someone says that the Archon is breaching protocol because he has ordered a blocking of communications.

The second audio log leads to the conclusion that some kett are questioning what the Archon is doing. SAM remarks that conflicts between factions seldom resolve quietly.

At the moment there is nothing more that can be done. You receive 530 xp, 73 AVP and +5% Voeld viability.

ON HOLD: Wait for new intel on the kettEdit



Found within the facility:

Discovered Species: "Salarian"
Initial observations:

- Short-lived.
- Fragile; no natural armor or protection.
- High metabolism.
- Evidence of exceptional brain function.

Discovered Species: "Turian"
Initial observations:

- Carapace, metallic in nature, possibly protective.
- Dextro-protein-based synthesis.
- Agile; height and skeletal structure allow for increased reach and flexibility.

Exaltation: Phase Shu
With the angaran genome unraveled, we have begun the process of isolating the most valuable trait to augment the kett.

- Bio-electrical discharge: Isolated and reproduced. We have commenced the distribution of this ability amongst Ascendants.
- Conversion of light to energy: Tricky, much more integrated into angaran physiology. Our current focus.

Note: angaran genetics complex, but elegant. Lacking obsolete, residual traits, commonly found in evolved species. Similar to kett in certain ways.

Discovered Species: "Human"
Initial observations:

- Soft-skinned; no natural armor or protection.
- Without technology, can only operate within a narrow range of environmental conditions.
- Genetically diverse.
- Renowned for tenacity and adaptability.

Discovered Species: "Asari"
Initial observations:

- Extremely long-lived.
- Natural ability to create gravitational fields of some variety. Not fully understood.
- Mono-gendered; precise method of reproduction not fully understood.
- IMPORTANT: rumored to be able to take in genetic traits of other species to improve theirs. Of great interest to Primus.

Discovered Species: "Krogan"
Initial observations:

- Long-lived.
- Large, muscled.
- Hardy: resistant to large range of environmental conditions, superfluous organs.
- Some evidence of chromosomal damage. Not fully understood.
- Reiteration: large.

Found within the communications station:

Received from Central
Attention: Archon of Sector 1-19-NYKZ

Previous report was thirty-nine cycles ago. Senate requires an update of progress within this sector. A reminder that all campaign leaders are expected to deliver reports once in every fifteen standard cycles.

Senate recognizes that presence of the "Scourge" phenomenon may be disruptive to communications. Take steps to circumvent this obstacle, so that regular updates can resume.

This is your second reminder of this nature. Please acknowledge receipt.

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