Meet with a mysterious stranger who sent a comm and claims they would like to help you fight the kett on Eos.


After Prodromos has been established on Eos and the radiation has cleared, it's possible to explore the area west of Prodromos. The radiation is cleared after you have visited Aya the first time during A Trail of Hope.

When Ryder is traveling west of Prodromos, a stranger makes contact over comm claiming he knows how to beat the kett and invites Ryder. A map marker shows the location.


Meet the contactEdit

Inside a kett bunker, Ryder finds Bain Massani, a Nexus exile who says he has kett-hunting as hobby. He gives Ryder two targets where the kett can be weakened - both shown with map markers.

Destroy a power generatorEdit

The generator is inside a larger bunker next to Massani's bunker. Eliminate the kett and use the console to shut down the generator.

You receive 29 AVP and 2% Eos viability.

Destroy the barracksEdit

The barracks are uphill, south of the forward station. Eliminate the kett forces to complete the objective. The kett have the advantage of higher ground and better cover, but luckily don't use it especially well.

You receive 29 AVP and 2% Eos viability.

Speak with BainEdit

Bain congratulates Ryder on a job well done.


270 XP.

Trivia: If you happen to clear the barracks outpost (or the main Kett outpost) before the quest for some reason the barracks outpost will not be marked on the map and Bain happens to be not interactable. Solution - get away some distance or reload a save.

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