Meet with a mysterious stranger who sent a comm and claims they would like to help you fight the kett on Eos.

Acquisition Edit

After Prodromos has been established on Eos and the radiation has cleared, it's possible to explore the area west of Prodromos.

When Pathfinder Ryder is traveling west of Prodromos in The Sheartop, a stranger makes contact over comms claiming he knows how to beat the kett and invites Ryder. (An objective markerMEA Objective Map Iconwill indicate the location in Presson Dunes.)

Walkthrough Edit

Meet The Contact Edit

Inside a kett bunker, Ryder finds Bain Massani, a Nexus exile who says he has kett-hunting as hobby. He gives Ryder two targets where the kett can be weakened - both shown with navpointsMEA Tracked Objective Map Icon.

Inside the kett bunker with Bain, there is a small lootable container and a Kett Core Encryption Tech that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon heleus orange. Head outside and jump up onto the roof of the bunker to find another large lootable container.

Destroy A Power Generator Edit

The generator is inside a larger bunker next to Massani's bunker. Eliminate the kett and use the console to shut down the generator. Inside the bunker is a small lootable container.

Ryder receives +540 XP, +29 AVP AVP icon, and +2% Eos viability.

Destroy The Barracks Edit

The barracks are uphill, south of the Forward Station. Eliminate the kett forces to complete the objective. The kett have the advantage of higher ground and better cover, but luckily don't use it especially well.

Ryder receives +519 XP, +29 AVP AVP icon, and +2% Eos viability.

There is a datapad in the barracks:

Obey this order!
Translated from Tonaizhet:

Reporting: Invictor
 Account: Final orders

I will say this only once. Focus on the new aliens that have arrived. I don't care about off-world orders. It's obvious to me that the old tech does not and cannot give us what we need, no matter what is still hidden. But these new arrivals have understandable, usable technology. And they may be viable for more uses. If we return with answers about them, that serves and raises me. Answers about the old tech only serve the order we have. You want to raise me. Or you'll find yourself the subject of collection and study.
End report

Speak With Bain Edit

Return to speak with Bain. Bain congratulates Ryder on a job well done.

Rewards Edit

Bugs Edit

If Ryder happens to clear the barracks outpost (or the main kett outpost) before the mission is given, for some reason the barracks outpost will not be marked on the map, and Ryder will be unable to interact with Bain. To fix this issue, get away some distance or reload a prior save.