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Kett launch trailer
The kett are a hostile race encountered by Andromeda Initiative personnel in the Andromeda galaxy.

Biology Edit

The kett have a natural bone armor over what appears to be a heavy skeletal bipedal structure. Around the back side of their neck is a large armored-covered bone collar. Their eyes are pale white and receded. Kett blood is brownish-green.[1]

Kett appear to reproduce only through an artificial process called exaltation. It is speculated that exaltation arose long ago in kett history when their genetics reached a point of stagnation. The kett began adding beneficial genes from other species into their own genetics in order to continually improve themselves. Kett mastery over genetic manipulation enabled them to develop a serum to rapidly convert other species into obedient kett, which became the basis for exaltation. To build an army or replenish their numbers, kett simply capture members of other species and transform them through exaltation. Heleus Cluster species that have been subjected to exaltation include the challyrion, who become Wraiths, and the angara, who become Chosen and Anointed.

Following the arrival of the Andromeda Initiative, the kett become interested in exalting Milky Way species. They begin developing an exaltation serum for krogan, but the process remains incomplete and the only example of a partially-exalted krogan was mindlessly hostile to both non-kett and kett.

History Edit

The kett are not native to the Heleus Cluster, and began invading it a few years after the Scourge and before the arrival of Ark Hyperion.[2] When the angara encountered them, the kett lured them into a false sense of security with gifts and offers of friendship, before kidnapping their leadership and providing information which provoked arguements between angaran worlds. The uncoordinated and seperated angara were swiftly defeated.


The kett have been shown to be highly militaristic, and look down on other species considering them lesser beings, this can be shown from the fact they kill prisoners and have enslaved angara. The kett have been known to experiment on prisoners.

Technology Edit

The kett possess technology that is comparable in advancement to the Andromeda Initiative, but have an unparalleled mastery of biotechnology and medical technology. Bio-engineered components are used in all of their machines and devices. Instead of conventional research and development programs, kett prefer to improve their technology incrementally by taking features and designs from other species' technology. Soon after the Andromeda Initiative came into contact with the kett, the kett began weaving aspects of Initiative tech into their own.

Kett starships use FTL drives with a radically unique design. When traveling across smaller regions, such as a star cluster, these drives function almost identically to Milky Way drives, but over longer distances, they function like Alcubierre drives. This is similar to having an on-board Mass Relay, but compared to actual Mass Relays, kett drives are extremely inefficient.

Language Edit

The kett language is called Tonaizhet. Known Tonaizhet words are listed below.

  • hesh - "order"

Religion Edit

The kett revere exaltation as a sacred ritual, believing that the species selected to undergo exaltation are ascending to greatness and helping the kett do the same. These subjugated species are initially called "Chosen", and may later advance to higher tiers with the kett hierarchy, such as "Anointed". The kett exaltation facility on Voeld is called a temple, and is considered holy ground.

Government Edit

The kett ruling body is referred to as the Kett Empire, situated on the kett homeworld. Contingents of kett are led by an Archon, and are sent to locations within a galaxy with the purpose of exalting encountered species.

Military Edit

Kett military units include:

  • Anointed - Large kett soldiers equipped kinetic barriers that wield plasma mini-guns; exalted from angara.
  • Chosen - Standard kett soldiers who accompany and support more specialized units; exalted from angara.
  • Destined - Cloaked shock troopers armed with energy based shotguns; "ancestral kett" exalted from a species beyond the Heleus Cluster.
  • Fiend - Hulking kett creatures with natural resistances to weapons fire and overwhelming strength.
  • Prefect - Tall and thin kett that wield a power similar to Milky Way biotics.
  • Wraith - Hostile dog-like creatures capable of cloaking; exalted from challyrion.

Notable Kett Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Given their leader's name, the kett may also be inspired by gnostic archons. Like them they are oppressive figures consuming the souls of their victims (albeit via assimilation in this case), and their semi-theocratic motifs offer them a link to the divine.

References Edit

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  2. Mass Effect: Andromeda - Introducing Jaal Your Angara Teammate (4K) - IGN First
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