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Kate Bowman
Human Engineer
Voice Actor
Audrey Wasilewski.
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Kate Bowman is a human engineer who works on Asteroid X57. She is the daughter of the Reverend Michael Bowman and sister to fellow engineer Aaron Bowman.

Mass Effect Edit

After the batarian terrorists attack the asteroid she hides in the main facility with her brother, Aaron. She sends out a distress call which the SSV Normandy picks up. When the Mako lands, she calls Commander Shepard and provides intelligence throughout the mission. Halfway through the mission her hiding place is found; Kate's brother is murdered by Balak, the leader of the terrorist group, when she refuses to tell him about Shepard.

Along with the other hostages, Kate is imprisoned in an office containing an explosive. When Shepard confronts Balak, the batarian says he will detonate the explosive, killing the hostages, if the Commander does not let him go. If Shepard chooses to save the hostages, Kate survives; she thanks the Commander for everything, but grieves the loss of her brother.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

If Shepard never shuts down the fusion torches on the asteroid, it is reported on the Citadel that Kate is killed. If Shepard opted to kill Balak, then Reverend Michael Bowman will hold a ceremony for the lost workers on the asteroid.

Email: Glad you're okay Edit

If she survives, she sends the Commander the following message, titled "Glad you're okay.":

From: Kate Bowman


I called in some favours and found out how to get you and what you're working on. We've got a big celebration planned for the anniversary of you and the others saving Terra Nova. Last year we added a memorial for you, too. I guess that was premature, huh?

I figure finding out who's attacking colonies is why you had to go undercover, so I won't invite you to come and give a speech or anything. But I wanted you to know that all of us living on colonies are worried about what's happening in the Terminus Systems. And I'm really glad you're there to help. There's a lot of crazy military talk going around. I'm glad someone's there who's not going to take the easy way out.


Kate Bowman

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