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“We built her for this. She deserves to be in a Pathfinder's hands. Please, come by anytime.” — Kallo to Pathfinder Ryder about the Tempest

Kallo Jath is the pilot of the starship Tempest, having served in that role since its early prototype days. He narrates the Andromeda Initiative's introductory briefing to the Nomad ND1 and Tempest vehicles.

Doing his best to avoid the boring life of a bureaucrat that most of his kind take up, Kallo decided to become a test pilot and worked on a ship design team where he received the attention of the Initiative. He sees Andromeda as a new and exciting place, where he hopes his race can leave behind the stereotypes of the Milky Way. When speaking to Ryder, Kallo expresses loneliness at the disappearance of the salarian ark.

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