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Location: AndromedaHeleus ClusterGovorkam System Second planet



A mountainous world originally settled by the angara, Kadara is now a haven for Nexus exiles and pirates. In addition to this criminal element, the planet is plagued by toxic water caused by an atypical amount of sulfide minerals.


Codex EntryEdit

Points of Interest Edit

Name Description Associated Missions
Charybdis Point
Haarfel A valley outside Kadara Port.
Kadara Port An angaran settlement that was under kett occupation. It was taken over by the Nexus exiles, who slaughtered the kett, and is now ruled by Sloane Kelly and her Outcasts.
Kadara Slums The Kadara Port slums at the base of the mountain. Also ruled by the Outcasts.
Kurinth's Valley
Spirits' Ledge
Sulfur Springs
Varren's Scalp Site of a wind farm that powers Kadara Port.


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