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KEI-9 is a dog-mech that was left behind by an engineer working on the overhaul of the Normandy SR-2. The engineer sends Commander Shepard an email about the mech and requests that the Commander take care of it for her.

KEI-9 spends its time roaming the Shuttle Bay of the SR-2, occasionally projecting blue beams onto its surroundings. If Shepard stands in one spot or blocks the dog-mech's path long enough, KEI-9 goes into sleep mode by the Commander's feet.


My Dog

Dear Commander Shepard:

I was a contractor working on the Normandy's haptic interface when it was in dry dock. Your VI, EDI, emailed me to let me know I left my dog-mech on board.

I'm all the way out in Terra Nova now and would hate for you to go a million clicks out of your way to drop off my dog. Please just take care of her. She likes exploring, sniffing chemical trails, and 750 volt outlets.

Thank you and sorry for the trouble. I promise she won't be too much of a headache.

Andrea Brown


  • KEI-9 appears to be a model of the FENRIS Mech.
  • KEI-9 is only available in the N7 Collector's Edition Pack for Mass Effect 3.
  • The name KEI-9 appears to be a play on the word "canine".
  • KEI-9 is not a squad member but is purely cosmetic, unlike Dog from BioWare's other main series Dragon Age.
  • If engineer Gabriella Daniels is aboard, she may be overheard referring to the dog-mech as "Sophie" during a conversation with partner Kenneth Donnelly.

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