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Jien Garson[2] is an eccentric human billionaire responsible for spearheading the Andromeda Initiative beginning in 2176. Garson leads the expedition from the Nexus, and is in charge of briefing Initiative recruits on the mission-critical information they will be using once they arrive in the Andromeda Galaxy: Arks and Nexus overviews, ground and space vehicle certifications, outpost establishment guidelines, first contact protocols, and even weapons/biotics/survival training for people accepted in the Pathfinder team.

As a result of the Nexus' collision with the Scourge upon entering the Heleus Cluster in 2818, Garson was said to have perished alongside other high-ranking members of the Initiative when their stasis pods were destroyed. Jarun Tann was selected to be the new Director, being Eighth in the line of succession.

In reality, the Scourge incident was used as a cover up. Garson was assasinated by the Initiative's secret Benefactors, following her growing suspicions of the Benefactors' motivation for supporting the journey.

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