Part One:
While gaining Evfra's trust, you have garnered the attention of the Roekaar, a cell of angaran fighters who hate all aliens. Jaal has information about the Roekaar's leader, Akksul.

Part Two:
The Moshae has arranged a secret meeting between you and Akksul in her laboratory on Aya.

Part Three:
After the Roekaar's failed attack on Prodromos, Jaal received a message from Akksul.

Acquisition Edit

Ryder automatically receives this mission after calling Evfra via vidcomm during A Trail of Hope.

Note: This mission is broken into three parts. Each part of the mission has the same mission name in the Journal. Part One and Part Two when completed move to the Completed Mission section and a new mission with the same name starts.

  • Part One completes when the objective Speak To Thaldyr is completed.
  • Part Two completes when the objective Return to Bradley In Prodromos is completed.

Walkthrough Edit

Speak To Jaal On The Tempest Edit

Head to the Tempest and speak with Jaal. Jaal informs Ryder that he is familiar with Akksul, the leader of the Roekaar, as they studied under the Moshae together. Akksul used to research the Remnant but he was captured by the kett and kept in a labor camp. After a year in the camp, Akksul escaped, with a hatred of aliens that gave rise to the xenophobic Roekaar.

Jaal says that if the Andromeda Initiative is going to live in Heleus Cluster, they will have to deal with the Roekaar one way or another. Jaal suggests contacting Thaldyr, an angara on Havarl who escaped the labor camp with Akksul.

Find Thaldyr On Havarl Edit

Head to Havarl and travel northeast of Pelaav Research Station. Upon nearing the navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Icon, Ryder will find Thaldyr's home surrounded by kett.

Defeat The Kett Edit

Defeat the kett forces.

Enter Thaldyr's Home Edit

After defeating the kett, Ryder can scan an angaran body to find that it is a Roekaar member, likely sent to protect Thaldyr.

There is also an Angaran Integrated Tech Node near the body that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon heleus orange.

Ryder then overrides the lock on Thaldyr's home

Speak To Thaldyr Edit

Inside the home Ryder finds Thaldyr. Unfortunately, she is dying from self-inflicted wounds, and passes away before getting any useful information.

Jaal doubts anyone associated with the Roekaar will give any information on Akksul's whereabouts. The only possibility is the Moshae.

Ryder receives +530 XP, +29 AVP AVP icon, and 2% Havarl viability when the conversation is done.

There is a Roekaar Manifesto on the table for the mission Task: Roekaar Manifestos. There is also a lootable container.

There is another Angaran Integrated Tech Node inside the home that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon heleus orange.

Part One of the mission now completes and Part Two of this mission starts.

ON HOLD: Wait For Jaal To Set Up A Meeting Edit

The mission updates to the next objective after Ryder has progressed far enough in Hunting the Archon. The likely trigger is the completion of the objective Retrieve The Kett Transponder From The Badlands.

Check Your Email Edit

There is an email from the Moshae inviting Ryder to a secret meeting with Akksul.

Meeting with Akksul
To: Ryder
From: Moshae Sjefa


Jaal expressed that you wished to meet with Akksul. It has been a long time since he and I spoke; he was so changed by the kett, it was difficult to talk to him. But perhaps enough time has passed, and together we can reason with him. I've arranged a meeting at my laboratory on Aya. Please come at your earliest convenience.

Moshae Sjefa

Acknowledge the email to obtain the next objective.

Speak To The Moshae on Aya Edit

Head to Aya and Moshae Sjefa's Laboratory to speak with Moshae. During the conversation, Akksul radiates distaste and hatred, is impossible to have a sensible conversation with, and walks away. The Moshae seems sad that he has become like this.

Dr. Suvi Anwar calls on the comm saying that something has happened on Eos and that Ryder should return to the Tempest as soon as possible.

Access The Vidcon On The Tempest Edit

Access the vidcon on the Tempest. There is a distress call from Prodromos about hostiles inbound on Eos.

Travel To Prodromos Edit

Head to Eos and land at Prodromos. Ryder will notice nothing special after landing.

Speak To Bradley Edit

Head to the navpoint in Prodromos in Fairwinds Basin to speak with August Bradley. The conversation leads to the conclusion that the Roekaar are building up forces in Blackrock Tande to attack Prodromos. The Nexus response to that would be what Akksul wants.

Investigate Blackrock Tande Edit

Head to the Blackrock Tande region in the northwest to the navpoint location. On approach, Jaal is certain there is a Roekaar signal.

Defeat The Roekaar Edit

When Ryder gets close to the navpoint, Roekaar forces will appear. Defeat the forces.

Investigate The Roekaar Camp Edit

Interact with the console to learn about the signal. The console's signal can call dropships to an exact location. Jaal says that's a common Roekaar tactic - a scout would have placed a beacon in Prodromos. A nearby datapad confirms this.

Roekaar Beacon Interface
Entry: Deployment: COMPLETE
Entry: Establish Blackrock scout camp: COMPLETE
Entry: Distracting raids: ONGOING
Entry: Shuttles inbound. Akksul commanding. Holding in the system.
Entry: Place the beacon to guide attacks: INCOMPLETE
Entry: Bradley changed patrols. Beacon placement: INCOMPLETE
Entry: Pathfinder is present. Awaiting instruction.

A plan is developed to trick the Roekaar into attacking one of the two already abandoned outposts, Site 1: Promise and Site 2: Resilience. Resilience will be used as the bait-and-switch.

Go to Site 2: Resilience Edit

Head to Site 2 and as Ryder approaches the next objective will be added.

Deploy The Beacon Edit

Head to the navpoint on top of the building. Use the Communications Array to deploy the Roekaar beacon.

Defeat The Roekaar Edit

After deploying the beacon, Roekaar forces arrive. Defeat the forces.

Go To Site 1: Promise Edit

Once the forces are dealt with, Akksul leads the Roekaar to the north to Site 1.

Defeat The Roekaar Edit

Defeat the Roekaar which includes a Hydra.

When the Roekaar are defeated, Akksul's ship leaves orbit, though he claims they are not done.

Ryder receives +1330 XP, +73 AVP AVP icon, and +5% Eos viability.

Return To Bradley In Prodromos Edit

Return to Prodromos and speak to Bradley.

When the conversation is over, Ryder receives +530 XP, +73 AVP AVP icon, and +5% Eos viability.

Part Two of the mission now completes and Part Three of this mission starts.

ON HOLD: Wait For Akksul To Make His Next Move Edit

After some time Jaal receives a message from Akksul.

Check Your Email Edit

Message from Akksul
To: Ryder
From: Jaal


I've received a message from Akksul.

Forwarding it to the meeting room. You should see this.


Acknowledge the email to obtain the next objective.

Play Akksul's Message In The Meeting Room Edit

Akksul says Jaal doesn't deserve his family name because he is working with the aliens. Jaal believes that Akksul wants them to do something reckless. He will not be given that pleasure.

Ryder receives +1330 XP after the conversation is over.

A new objective is now added.

ON HOLD: Wait For Akksul To Make His Next Move Edit

Ryder needs to land on any planet and then the next time Ryder returns to the Tempest, there is a new email from Jaal.

Need To Speak With You
To: Ryder
From: Jaal


I've received an update on Akksul. It isn't good. Please come see me in my room.


The mission then completes and the follow-up mission Jaal Ama Darav: Flesh and Blood starts automatically.

Note: There is no message on the screen about the mission completion.

Rewards Edit

  • None

Bugs Edit

  • When the party encounters Akksul, Ryder will have an X5 Ghost assault rifle drawn during the standoff, no matter what weapons Ryder currently has equipped, even a different assault rifle.