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"Stay strong and clear!"
Jaal Ama Darav is a native of the Andromeda galaxy. At some point after the arrival of the Andromeda Initiative in their corner of the universe, Jaal joins forces with the human Pathfinder Ryder and their team.

Jaal comes from a famous angara family and is a high-ranking member of the angara resistance against the kett. He joins Ryder's team as an observer for the resistance because the angara are wary of the intentions of new species after the kett invaded the Heleus Cluster.[3]

Jaal is a potential romantic interest for a female Ryder.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Edit

Loyalty Edit

Three of Jaal's siblings have run off to join the Roekaar. Jaal's mothers ask that he brings them back.

Romance Edit

"You make my heart sing."
When he first joins the team, he's quite distrustful of Ryder and will give almost no information about himself. His romance is also unique in the way that you have to become friends with him before having the option to flirt. The conversation icon with 'two people standing next to each other' indicates trying to have a better relationship with him. This icon will eventually turn into the usual heart icon once you've established a better trust with him. If Ryder's 'friended' him and flirted with him at every opportunity that she gets, at one point he can be asked if he's interested to get to know each other better and he'll agree, claiming that it would be a privilege to get to know a woman such as Ryder better.

After you complete his loyalty mission (and checking your email), he'll take you to meet his family. You'll meet his true mother, Sahuna, and will be given the option to hug her. Take it. She'll tell Ryder a few things about Jaal, embarrassing him, and then leave for a meeting. Next, he'll show the place he spent most of his childhood days, which is packed with his family members at the time, and lead Ryder to his room, his "tiny sanctuary". He'll show her some schematics of a weapon he received from his aunt when he was seven and the remains(?) of a pet that he had. After showing Ryder these items, he'll say that he never shows anyone these things and tells Ryder that he wants them to be together. If you accept, he and Ryder will share a kiss and he will show you a project he did long ago. He will express his wish to complete the project, saying that it is just one more thing that he wishes to take apart and figure out, and that he now has someone to do it with.

Later he will send you an email saying he has a special place he want to show you on Aya and this is the place where things get steamy but also where you get the option to profess your love for Jaal.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Michael Gamble, Jaal's name in angaran means "guy with cloak which moves".[4]
  • Jaal used to have a pet kaerkyn named Alfit.
  • Jaal is 27 angaran years old.
  • In a conversation with the Moshae Sjefa, she reveals that Jaal sometimes talks in his sleep.

References Edit

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