Isa de Navar is the head of the angaran delegation to the Nexus.

He along with two of his bodyguards pay a visit to the Nexus Cultural Center, where the asari greeter politely asks them to relinquish their weapons. Isa politely declines, preferring them armed; Ryder can intervene to which the ambassador respectfully greets him due to his relationship with the Moshae.

Isa de Navar asks the Pathfinder to walk outside with him, where he remarks on the myriad alien spaces that exist on the Nexus, working together and united. He envies the Initiative, as compared to his species 75 years ago they were struggling to rebuild their civilization after the Scourge and were divided. When the kett arrived it was a monumental moment to the angara as they had yet to discover alien life. However their first contact with the kett turned for the worst as the aliens deceived and enslaved the angara, hence his precautions while being on the Nexus. Despite his mistrust, after seeing the Initiative and its unity, he wants the alliance to work. Ryder can convince Isa that the Initiative has peaceful intentions. The resulting choices end with either Isa's guards surrendering their weapons or returning to the angara vessel.

Upon his return to the cultural center Isa is embarrassed that he had been mistakenly been using feminine pronouns to address the asari liaison. He offers to provide a list of pronouns that the angara address themselves with.

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