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Irikah Krios
Mass Effect 2
Irikah Krios was a female drell, the wife of Thane Krios, and the mother of Kolyat Krios.

Irikah met her husband during one of his assassination missions. She spotted the laser dot of Thane's weapon on his target and threw herself between them. She met his eyes through the scope of his weapon and his purpose faltered. Her action was so memorable that Thane made it his mission to meet her. She reminded him of Arashu, the goddess of motherhood and protection. When Thane finally met Irikah, he fell to his knees, apologized for his actions, and begged for her forgiveness. She introduced Thane to the world outside of work, forgave Thane for his actions, and eventually loved him. After a period of time, Thane and Irikah married and Thane was allowed to leave the hanar's service in order to raise a family. Eventually, Thane and Irikah had a son, whom they named Kolyat.

Thane, however, knew only how to use his talents for destruction, so he freelanced as an assassin while he and Irikah were married. Thane tried his best to keep his work and personal life separate, but became complacent and, consequently, it caught up with him. He stayed away from his family too long and his enemies came for them. Thane had killed the leaders of a batarian slaver ring and their associates paid the Shadow Broker to learn who he was. They went after his family because they were too afraid to go after Thane himself, and killed Irikah in the process.

Thane returned home to Kahje for Irikah's funeral, then after leaving Kolyat in the care of his aunts and uncles, he returned to his 'battle sleep' and hunted down the people who had murdered Irikah. Even though Thane was trained to take life quickly and efficiently, he tells Shepard that he let Irikah's murderers suffer before they died.

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