To keep Morda from potentially building a bomb, retrieve the drive core located inside the heart of the Remnant derelict. We need to get it before her people do.


Starts automatically when Parlay with the Krogan is completed.


Go to the derelict Remnant shipEdit

A tunnel in the ship leads to an open area on the inside with several crates and containers, and a small storage house. Some raiders need to be taken care of.

The way straight ahead is filled with Remnant turrets. Instead go along one of the sides. Fight your way through to the other side, where you will find the entrance.

Locate the entranceEdit

Remnant derelict puzzle

The console puzzle

Using the console opens the door. One missing glyph has to be located to solve the puzzle.

Enter the derelict Remnant shipEdit

After the next door you are inside.

Locate the derelict ship's drive coreEdit

The are signs of scavenging. SAM says that prices on Kadara tells that selling raw materials from Remnant architecture is extremely profitable.

You arrive at a console that creates a bridge. After another door there is a console rising pylons to form a bridge, which requires some jumping. On the other side is a console that will open a door to the drive core.

The drive core is not there, probably taken by scavengers. No other option than to leave the ship and track them.

Find an alternate exit from the derelict shipEdit

Continue ahead, and you find the way those scavengers used to get to the core. The dead scavengers here and there are explained by the still active Remnant forces. Eventually you reach the exit.

If you have Drack in the team, he comments that it wasn't Mordra who took the drive core, because the krogans wouldn't have tried to break in if they knew about this way.

The mission completes when you get outside. The follow-up mission starts: Search for the Stolen Remnant Drive Core


530 xp, 73 AVP, +5% Elaaden viability.

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