A datapad found in the Resistance base states that supply drops aren't arriving as scheduled. Investigating the matter could turn up clues.


Read one of the three marked datapads scattered in the Resistance base on Voeld.

One is on the console near Intelligence Officer Kaas:

Report: Aya
Translated from Shelesh:

I apologize, Olisk. My pilot says she made the supply drop at the navpoint. I can’t figure out why they never reached you. I’ll have Onya try again with a new shipment—free of charge. The Resistance won’t starve over a technical issue.

One is on a console north of Olisk:

Report: Scout Destranja
Translated from Shelesh:


I took a party to the supply drop point. When we got there, everything was gone. Our contact was missing. The snow showed signs of activity—multiple individuals. The kett, maybe? I’ll keep this quiet until you can get it sorted.

One is on a console in the infirmary:

Report: Estraaja
Translated from Shelesh:


We sent a shuttle with enough medical supplies to last you through the cycle. Did you ever receive them? Our tracking signal went dark after we left the supplies at the drop point. Please respond and let us know they got to you safely.


Speak to Olisk Edit

Olisk denies there are any problems with the supplies. When Ryder confronts him with the information found on the data pads, he admits there are problems and explains he is keeping quiet to prevent a morale drop. Changing the drop points haven't stopped supplies from getting lost, but he can't send someone to investigate without raising suspicions. Ryder will take on the task of checking out the drop points for him.

Use the requisition terminalEdit

Interacting with the console gives you the navpoint for the latest drop point.

Reach the drop pointEdit

There are Roekaar at the point; defeat them.

Search the drop point Edit

After the fight, SAM detects a datapad in the area.

Urgent Message
Translated from Shelesh:

I've provided the location for the new drop point. Supply drop is scheduled for later today, so get there quickly. If the stars are with us, the drop will contain shield tech.

I must remind you again about discretion--you are not to reveal your mission to anyone. If Evfra hears we're building a stockpile, he'll take action. We must keep this up for as long as possible.

Skies guide you.


SAM sends Olisk a message that the drop point has been secured. The mission is now complete.


  • 270 XP
  • 29 AVP
  • 2% Voeld viability

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