Incinerate is a Tech skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Power Ranks Edit

MEA Primer Heat icon

Fires a plasma projectile that does bonus damage to armor and inflicts ongoing burning damage to unshielded foes.
Burning enemies are primed for combo detonations.

Rank Label Icon Description Bonus

Incinerate Edit

MEA Incinerate 1 Incinerate icon
Unlocks Incinerate skill. Initial Damage: 120

Damage per Second: 50
Burning Duration (s): 6

Armor Damage Bonus: 50%

Recharge Time (s): 12

2 Recharge Speed
Tech Recharge Speed icon
Increases recharge speed. +15% Recharge Speed
3 Damage
Tech Damage icon
Increases damage. +15% All Damage
4 Radius
MEA Incinerate 4a Radius icon
The projectile affects all enemies in a 2 m radius.
4 Burning
MEA Incinerate 4b Burning icon
Increases damage over time and duration of the heat damage. +15% Damage Over Time

+30% Duration

5 Impact
Tech Damage icon
Increases initial impact damage. +30% Initial Damage
5 Anti-Armor
MEA Incinerate 5b Anti-Armor icon
Increases damage vs. armor. +50% Damage vs. Armor
6 Detonator
MEA Incinerate 6a Detonator icon
MEA Detonator Explosive icon
Incinerate's initial attack now triggers combo detonations.
6 Double Incinerate
MEA Incinerate 6b Double Incinerate icon
Launches two projectiles (instead of one) that seek separate targets.

Player Notes Edit

Mechanics Edit

  • Notes about skill's mechanics

Strategies Edit

  • Because enemies in Andromeda move faster and tend not to cluster as tightly as they did in Mass Effect 3, the Radius evolution is much less prone to hitting multiple targets than it used to be.
  • The Detonate evolution makes Incinerate one of only a few powers capable of both priming and detonating power combos. It can't be used to detonate its own primed targets, however.

Availability Edit

  • Single-player:
  • Multiplayer: Human Female Infiltrator, Human Male Infiltrator, Krogan Engineer, Turian Havok Trooper

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