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Inamorda enemybox
ME-Enemy Container-HME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-S
Race Krogan
Type Organic
Armament Assault Rifle, Shotgun
Abilities Class Power ME2 Icon Berserker Charge
Class Power ME2 Icon Krogan Regeneration
Immunity Immunity
ShieldBoost Shield Boost
Carnage Carnage
Health High
Shields Moderate
Locations Noveria
Inamorda is a krogan bounty hunter who can be found on the Port Hanshan Mezzanine on Noveria, on the second floor of the hotel. A quick-tempered krogan, he's keen to brush off attempts at conversation with him.

Inamorda is the intended recipient of an experimental weapon mod Opold has smuggled onto the planet. At the mention of Opold's name, Inamorda becomes more receptive to Shepard's words, offering to buy the package directly from the Commander instead of having to deal with the hanar later. Shepard can haggle with the bounty hunter, who agrees if properly persuaded.

If the Commander decides to keep the item and tells Opold this, a gang of krogan led by Inamorda will attack Shepard's group upon their next return to the Normandy. If Shepard informs Inamorda that the item has been turned over to Administrator Anoleis, the krogan will not attack, but will allude to an unpleasant chat with Opold.

Tactics Edit

  • Tactics useful for beating generic krogan enemies apply to Inamorda as well.
  • Inamorda liberally makes use of his Immunity and Shield Boost powers at Insanity. Make sure he doesn't get any opportunities by regularly damping him.

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