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Description Edit

The Hydra is a large, bipedal mech protected by armor. Hydras can be inserted into the battle from the air.

Capabilities Edit

Offensive Edit

The Hydra's left arm is a large cannon. In addition to this, it is capable of shooting off a barrage of laser-guided missiles. Its right arm is a claw capable of grabbing enemies, throwing them, and slamming them into the ground.

Defensive Edit

Tactics Edit

  • The Hydra mech can often found deployed by Outlaw enemies, serving in roles akin to those of Remnant Destroyer or kett Fiend, a heavily-armored tank heavy hitter. Cover and terrain should be exploited to the utmost when encountering such foe.
  • Its weakspot is the cannister on its back, which has a small profile when facing head-on, slightly above the head/eye which emit homing laser. Fully exposed if you flanked it to its side or back, however shooting at it will cause it to switch attention back to you at once, so be prepared.
  • Its other weak spot is its central targeting laser "eye" that it uses to direct its missiles. In addition to taking extra damage, repeated gunfire to this location can damage the eye, preventing it from accurately hitting with its missiles and making it far less dangerous.
  • It has only armor so utilise anti-armor tactics against it.
  • At certain encounters, you may find it already engaging other "tank" units from other factions, advise first deal with all the other lesser foes, then pick off the by-then dented heavies.