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ME3 Hunter Mode

Hunter Mode is a power in Mass Effect 3. It is available only to the geth DLC characters in the multiplayer mode.

Power Ranks Edit

Rank 1: Hunter Mode Edit

Advanced diagnostics redirect power into offensive systems, boosting combat capabilities.
Faster Movement.
See through smoke and objects.
More weapon, power, and melee damage.
Greater weapon accuracy.
Shields reduced by 50%.

  • Recharge Speed: 3 sec
  • Enhanced Vision Range: 15 m
  • Damage Bonus: 5%
  • Accuracy Bonus: 10%
  • Movement Speed Bonus: 5%

Rank 2: Movement Speed Edit

Increase movement speed by 5%.

  • Enhanced Vision Range: 15 m
  • Damage Bonus: 5%
  • Accuracy Bonus: 10%
  • Movement Speed Bonus: 10%

Rank 3: Damage Edit

Increase damage bonus by 2.5%.

  • Enhanced Vision Range: 15 m
  • Damage Bonus: 7.5%
  • Accuracy Bonus: 10%
  • Movement Speed Bonus: 10%

Rank 4: Power Recharge/Weapon Accuracy Edit

Power Recharge

Decrease recharge speed of all powers by 20% while active.

Weapon Accuracy

Increase weapon accuracy bonus by 15%.

  • Enhanced Vision Range: 15 m
  • Damage Bonus: 7.5%
  • Accuracy Bonus: 25%
  • Movement Speed Bonus: 10%

Rank 5: Power Damage/Rate of Fire Edit

Power Damage

Increase damage of all powers by 15% while active.

Rate of Fire

Increase rate of fire of all weapons by 15% while active.

Rank 6: Speed & Vision/DamageEdit

Speed & Vision

Increase movement speed bonus by 10%.
Increase the range of your enhanced vision by 60%.

  • Enhanced Vision Range: 24 m
  • Damage Bonus: 7.5%
  • Accuracy Bonus: 10%(25% with "Weapon Accuracy" in Rank 4)
  • Movement Speed Bonus: 20%


Increase damage bonus by 10%.

  • Enhanced Vision Range: 15 m
  • Damage Bonus: 17.5%
  • Accuracy Bonus: 10% (25% with "Weapon Accuracy" in Rank 4)
  • Movement Speed Bonus: 10%

Player Notes Edit

  • Toggling Hunter Mode on or off, while cloaked, counts as using a power.
  • Hunter Mode creates a visual overlay on your HUD akin to Devastator Mode.
  • This power can be confusing and may distract from actual targets at first: it is suggested to keep it constantly on for a few missions, in order to get used to the visual noise.
  • Geth Infiltrators using Hunter Mode with a Javelin are one of the most powerful weapon-based classes in the game. Stacking the weapon and geth weapon bonuses with the sniper rifle and damage bonuses from Tactical Cloak and the weapon damage bonuses from Networked AI and Sniper Rifle Amp, can make the Javelin a ridiculously powerful weapon.
  • Hunter Mode can be respectively turned on and off when trying to locate enemies, cloaked or otherwise. Care should be taken since it does count as using a power and as such, stops you using powers (like Tactical Cloak or Overload).
    • Geth Scanner causes an UI effect similar to that of Hunter Mode.
  • Geth Engineer can use Hunter Mode effectively: the Power Recharge and Power Damage evolutions can make Overload incredibly powerful. Overload with Hunter Mode can potentially inflict 900+ damage every two seconds to shields and barriers. This can very quickly eliminate the shielding of any opponent.
  • Caution should be used when using Hunter Mode, since at best, geth are left with around 863 points of shields, or, at worst, 375. This makes geth very brittle.
    • Shielding will deplete dangerously fast! If engaging enemies in close quarters it is recommended not to use heavy melee attack if there is more than one enemy nearby... and be prepared to flee.
    • It is highly recommended to stick to cover when activated, since most enemies will swiftly kill regardless of difficulty. When it is not in use, geth return to their normal durability level.
    • Geth Trooper however can largely compensate with the 40% damage reduction from Fortification.

Availability Edit

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