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Human Looters are a pair of thieves that Shepard may encounter during the mission to recruit Mordin Solus.

Around the corner from Mordin Solus' clinic is an apartment with two human looters inside. Upon being caught red-handed, the looters try to fend Shepard and squad off by arguing that they were there first.

Shepard can merely ask the two about Mordin, but also has the option to take direct action against their pilfering either by convincing them to stop, or by killing them.

Capabilities Edit


They are armed with the M-3 Predator heavy pistol.


The Looters have minimal health and no shields, armor, or barriers.

Tactics Edit

  • Because they possess minimal health, the two will try and seek cover, but because of their lack of protection and armament, they can't put up too much of a fight.
  • The player can run straight to the looters from the Blue Suns/Blood Pack encounter nearby. However, this has no effect on the looters, nor does it stop the fight between the gangs outside.

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