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Home spun kiosk + display
Inventory Item Price / Discounted
Polished Vanity 1000 / 900
Deluxe Vanity 1500 / 1350
Simple Bedding 1500 / 1350
Vibrant Kitchen 1000 / 900
Wholesome Kitchen 1000 / 900
Cozy Sofa 1000 / 900
Posh Sofa 1500 / 1350
Basic Recliner 1000 / 900
Elegant Ottoman 1000 / 900
Light Coffee Table 1000 / 900
Artistic Shelving 1500 / 1350
Amber Accent Wall 1000 / 900
Home Spun is a home furnishings shop located on the Silversun Strip on the Citadel Wards. It is the only source for alternative furniture for Shepard's Personal Apartment. The apartment can also be improved with accessories and music acquired from the Claw Game at Castle Arcade and inviting squadmates to visit the apartment, with the prizes from the Claw Game being sponsored by Home Spun.

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