The Charlatan used Sloane Kelly's own people to beat up Kaetus, her second in command, and deliver a message: it's time to settle things between the Collective and the Outcasts. Sensing a trap, but unable to trust her fellow outcasts, Sloane requests you, an outsider, to witness the confrontation.


Sloane calls you shortly after completing Night on the Town, e.g. going down to the Slums.


Speak to SloaneEdit

The Charlatan used Sloane's people to beat up her second-in-command, Kaetus. A note from the Charlatan invites Sloane to a meeting to "settle things" between the two. Sloan asks Ryder to accompany her.

Meet Sloane at the Charlatan's specified locationEdit

After entering the cave with Sloane the Charlatan appears and challenges Sloane to a duel - the winner takes Kadara. Ryder has options to control the outcome:

  • Sloane is killed. Charlatan takes control over Kadara Port.
  • Sloane is saved, and Ryder shoots or doesn't shoot the Charlatan. Sloane remains in control over Kadara port.

When it's over go and speak with the winner, and you will get permission the settle on Kadara.


If Sloane is in control, her regime continues as it was, and the Collective is weakened with their leader on the run. Sloane's hostility against the Initiative remains.

The Charlatan, as the new boss thinks that with Sloane gone there is a chance for peace, because Sloane would have brought war to Heleus, and exiles on Kadara don't have the population to survive that. Members of the Collective will not attack Ryder. Kadara port is now filled with people from the Collective, while most of the Outcasts are scattered in the Badlands. The official face for the Collective is the angaran Keema Dohrgun, because the Charlatan prefers to rule from the shadows and use her as the front. You might want to speak with her in the HQ to learn about her view on the new situation.

It is now possible, with permission, to build an outpost on Kadara.

The winner comes to assist Ryder during the final battle in the game.


1330 XP, 73 AVP, +5% Kadara viability.

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