After making initial contact with the angara, you must now gain their trust in order to meet the Moshae and access the vault on Aya. Either Voeld or Havarl would be likely places to start.

Alternatively, if Meet the Resistance is completed first: You have earned the angara's trust on Voeld, but more can be done to establish a relationship on Havarl. Also, this mission moves from Priority Ops to the Heleus Assignments section under Havarl.

Acquisition Edit

This mission is acquired as part of A Trail of Hope.

Walkthrough Edit

Travel to Havarl on the Galaxy Map.

Make contact with the scientists at Pelaav Edit

Move straight ahead across the broken bridge to Pelaav Research Station. Inside the main building, talk to Kiiran Dals. She reveals that the research team is currently caught in what seems to be a Remnant stasis field, alive but unresponsive, and directs you to a Remnant monolith.

Before you leave, you can talk to Raashel Vier nearby to obtain Forgotten Stars.

Help the researchers who are trapped at the monolith Edit

Head to the marker on the nearby monolith. There are a few Remnant in the way. Dispose of them and head to the back of the building, where you'll find three angaran researchers frozen as Kiiran Dals said. Before you can release them, you need to find two glyphs: one on the side of the block to the right of the console, and the other on a pillar to the northwest of the console.

Once you have the glyphs, solving the puzzle will lead to a short cutscene. The angaran researchers will return to the research station.

Before leaving the monolith, there is an Adaptive Remnant Core Device on the console platform which can be scanned for 100 Remnant research data, and also there is an ingredient for Task: Better Crafting located in the hallway: coming from the entrance, it's relatively close and on the left side, under one of the giant mushrooms.

Return to Kiiran Dals Edit

Returning to Pelaav Research Station, you find the rescued scientists have made it back. One of them, Torvar, reports having seen turians on Havarl. Jaal says that helping the research station should allow Evfra to place more trust in Ryder, and to contact the Resistance leader from the Tempest. Torvar also suggests having Ryder look into the monoliths on Havarl to stop the planet's decline.

Aftermath Edit

You can continue with A Trail of Hope by contacting Evfra via vidcomm on the Tempest. You also automatically receive A Dying Planet.

Mission Rewards Edit

  • 540 XP.
  • 29 AVP.
  • +2% Harval viability.

Enemies Edit

Remnant Edit

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