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Hawking Eta
Milky Way / Hawking Eta
Hawking Eta ME
Hawking Eta ME2
Cluster View
Systems 5
Relays 1

Location: Milky Way / Hawking Eta

Mass Relay Connections Edit

† Mass Effect
‡ Mass Effect 2

Locations Edit

Hawking Eta
Asteroid belt

Missions Edit

Assignments Edit

Mass Effect Edit

Mass Effect 2 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Hawking Eta cluster is likely named after the renowned astrophysicist and theoretician Stephen Hawking, notable for his work concerning black holes. The cluster lies uncomfortably close to the 5 kpc ring around the galactic core, which contains a large fraction of the Milky Way's hydrogen as well as most of its star formation activity. Much of this area is too dangerous to safely travel.

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