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Location: AndromedaHeleus ClusterFaroang System planet

Species Angara

Description Edit

The ancestral home of the angara is a lush jungle planet. However, scans detect planet life on Havarl exhibiting maladaptive, unsustainable growth patterns. The abnormal mutation suggests something is terribly wrong with Havarl's ecology.

As things turns out, it was the Remnant terraforming monoliths experience a malfunction: with only 2 out of 3 operational, planet's ecology was on overdrive, where its flora and fauna experienced accelerated life cycles. After the Pathfinder team, through a series of events, managed to access the supposedly long-lost vault and enacted a "reboot" similar to what happened on Eos, planet's ecology finally stabilized.

As gratitude, the Angara allowed the Initiative send in a team of scientists to conduct study and co-operation.

During the Pathfinder team's trek on Havarl, they managed to come across an enclave of Turian Ark survivors, whom managed to make landfall on escape pods when their Ark Natanus ran into the Scourge on arrival, and suffered damages far more severe than that of Hyperion's. However, the final fate of Ark Natanus was unknown at this time

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