Location: AndromedaHeleus ClusterFaroang System Second planet

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The ancestral home of the angara is a lush jungle planet. However, scans detect plant life on Havarl exhibiting maladaptive, unsustainable growth patterns. The abnormal mutation suggests something is terribly wrong with Havarl's ecology.

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The ancestral home of the angara is a lush jungle planet. With the vault correctly activated, the jungles are showing clear signs of recovery, overseen by both angaran and Nexus scientists.

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As Jaal explains, Havarl is considered the ancestral home of the angara. The ruins of angaran cities are a draw for researchers, looters, and angara who defy the kett to make a pilgrimage. The planet's history also makes it a symbolic staging ground for the ruthlessly xenophobic Roekaar.

Long-range surveys by the Andromeda Initiative indicated Havarl was a garden world of lush green jungles and abundant liquid water. The planet was considered a "golden world," and given the label Habitat 3.

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Our observations today show Havarl is unrecognizable. The jungles now dominate much of the planet's surface, demonstrating bizarre growth patterns. Samples show grotesque mutations and hormonal changes in the jungles' plant life, rendering it not only extremely hardy but hazardous for consumption. These factors point to a large-scale shift in havarl's ecology that bears investigation.

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With the Remnant vault stabilized and correctly activated, both angaran and Nexus scientists report a noticeable improvement in Havarl's plant life. The more aggressive and mutated species are dying back, supplanted by soil-enriching and pollinating varieties.

In a comparatively brief time, Havarl shows signs of being a welcoming garden world. Meanwhile, Initiative scientists have joined forces with angaran personnel to investigate Havarl further.

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Name Description Associated Missions
Ancient Courtyard An area where Havarl's Remnant vault can be found. Also contains a Roekaar base. A Dying Planet
Buried Cave Area where the third, lost monolith can be located. A Dying Planet
Central Wilds
Chasm of the Builders A deep chasm between Remnant structures. The Roekaar control the only bridge across it. The north end of the chasm leads to Havarl's third monolith, and the south end to Mithrava Ascent.
Mithrava An isolated commune of angaran sages atop a Remnant tower.
Mithrava Ascent The Remnant tower where Mithrava lies.
Old Pelaav A Lost Sister
Pelaav Research Station A small angaran research outpost. Once part of a much larger daar that was mostly destroyed by Havarl's violently-rapid plant growth. Hosts an Andromeda Initiative science team after Havarl's Remnant vault is reset.
Ruins of Raashel's Home Forgotten Stars
Turian Camp Turian Ark: Not Dead Yet
Task: Turian Salvage

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