If Ryder finds Nora Tallis first:
Nora Tallis is stranded on Elaaden until her shuttle is repaired. Retrieve her shuttle's thruster from the scavengers she sold it too.

If Ryder finds Axius first:
You have recovered a shuttle part from an exile named Axius. It appears to belong to a Nexus shuttle.

Acquisition Edit

This mission can be acquired in two ways. Ryder can follow the mission arc of finding Nora first or Ryder can just go to the final location with Axius and then return to Nora. The objectives changed based upon which path is taken.

Walkthrough Edit

If Ryder finds Nora Tallis first:
When Ryder approaches the sinkholes northwest of The Paradise in the Paradise Sands, the Nexus researcher Nora Tallis calls over the comm asking for help. Nora is in one of the sinkholes with an (!) next to a shuttle. Talk to her to learn that she traded the shuttle's thruster for water when she was in a delirium because of lack of water.

Ryder also learns that she has a theory about where the sinkholes come from.

Find Nora's Shuttle Thruster Edit

Nora gives Ryder the navpoint to the scavenger camp to the southwest in the Paradise Sands region. The camp is inside of a small cave. The camp seems to be empty. Ryder finds two dead scavengers. They have been beaten to death.

On the upper level is a lootable container.

On the upper level inside the building is McCrone, who is hiding from an Outlaws gang led by Axius. Axius' gang raids other scavengers camp, killing everyone and then looting the camp. McCrone says Axius took the thruster. McCrone gives a navpoint to the east of the cave in the Paradise Sands region.

Retrieve The Thruster From Axius Edit

Head to the navpoint and a building with hostile outlaws led by Axius. Defeat the enemies. On the lower level is a lootable container. On the upper level is the thruster and a large lootable container.

Return The Thrust Catalyzer To Nora Edit

Head back to Nora and the shuttle in the sinkhole. Nora thanks Ryder for the catalyzer and says she has to get back to work.

After the conversation is over, the mission ends.

If Ryder finds Axius first:
If Ryder finds Axius' camp, and interacts with the thruster before finding Nora, the following objective is added instead. This bypasses finding Nora first and visiting the first outlaw camp.

Find A Nexus Shuttle That Is Missing A Thrust Catalyzer Edit

Head to the navpoint with Nora, speak with Nora, and the mission will end normally.

Rewards Edit

  • +270 XP