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Planet View
Orbital Distance 3.6 AU
Orbital Period 6.8 Earth Years
Keplerian Ratio 1.009
Radius 54,743 km
Day Length 16.8 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure N/A
Surface Temp N/A
Surface Gravity N/A
Mass N/A
Satellites >16

Location: Milky WayAnnos BasinPranas System Fourth planet

Species Salarian
Capital Aifa
Colony Founded 560 BCE
Population 129,000

Description Edit

Spacer investors are fond of saying: "You can’t exhaust a gas giant." But the salarians have certainly tried. Halegeuse is home to a thriving community of robo-miners and those who work in helium-3 collection and refinement. More than 16 of Halegeuse's more metallic moons have been settled.

The giant bears the name of the Halegeuse Corporation, which combined the best efforts of several salarian clans to manufacture the advanced shielding necessary to colonize the planet’s moons. The planet’s magnetosphere retains massive amounts of radioactive ions from Pranas, the system’s star. Because of this, the cities on the moons are subsurface, protected from lethal radiation levels by shielding and thick layers of rock. Halegeuse was bought out centuries ago, but the name endures as a symbol of salarian innovation and cooperation.

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