There are reports of interesting and potentially lucrative activity in the Remav system. While those reports alone seem vague, it's also the area that the turian ark may have been headed. Vetra and Peebee suggest that we check it out.


When Ryder returns to the Tempest after the first visit to Kadara Port, a meeting called by Drack is jump-starting. When the meeting is over this mission begins.

Travel to H-047c in the Remav systemEdit

Ryder finds H-047c to be a planet torn to pieces by the Scourge. It was meant to be the new home world for the turians, but now there are only some exiles in some of the pieces of the planet. There is no protective magnetic field so the cosmic radiation is extremely high. The suits won't be able to protect against it so Ryder has to stay in the Nomad.

The gravity is low so the Nomad can take long jumps.

After landing on the planet, the mission completes.


This is the place where you go to do the Hang Time achievement (keep the Nomad airborne for 35 seconds).




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