Scavengers are stealing turbine parts from the wind farm outside Kadara Port. An exile named Aislin has enlisted your help to bring the parts back.


Speak with Aislin (marked with an ! on the map).


Find stolen turbine partsEdit

Go to the given navpoint.

Examine the debrisEdit

There are dead scavengers on the ground. Something got to them first and destroyed the missing turbines. The answer to what's going on comes in the form of an attacking Ancient Eiroch.

Return to AislinEdit

She's disappointed that the turbine parts are beyond repair, but at least the scavengers plaguing the wind farm are gone.

Unmarked QuestsEdit

Several unmarked quests in the area can be completed for additional experience.

Patrol ScheduleEdit

At the wind farm, there is a krogan bodyguard named Rotan outside of a room. Talking with him, he remarks how suspicious it is that scavengers keep raiding the wind farm when he's off duty.

Inside the room, you find an asari. Scanning her will reveal that she is under the influence of the drug Oblivion. Reading the terminal nearby reveals that someone named Niath is tipping off the scavengers for the purpose of obtaining Oblivion; it can be surmised that Niath is the asari in the room.

You can talk with Rotan again to inform him of Niath's betrayal and collect 270xp.

Broken TurbineEdit

West of Aisling an asari is trying to fix a Broken Turbine. When you scan it SAM says it's easy to fix. Interact with it and collect 270 xp.


  • 530 XP
  • 29 AVP
  • +2% Kadara viability

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