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Heleus golden worlds briefing map
Golden worlds are locations in Andromeda's Heleus Cluster that are either the strongest possible candidates for settlement or whose resources could bolster the Initiative's chances at long-term survival. Based on survey data and long-term projections, some are believed to be garden worlds capable of supporting life. Others are mineral "treasure troves" that could supply fledgling colonies with vital resources.

These worlds were designated Habitats 1-7. While not generally used in planetary surveying, the term "golden worlds" was coined by the Andromeda Initiative's marketing team and has stuck ever since.

List of Golden Worlds Edit

  • Habitat 1 (Eos) - Arid yet comfortably habitable, with vast underground rivers.
  • Habitat 2 (Elaaden) - (Moon) Incredible mineral and resource wealth.
  • Habitat 3 (Havarl)- Rolling hills and rich jungle.
  • Habitat 4 (Kadara) - Life-sustaining garden world with plenty of liquid water.
  • Habitat 5 (H-047c) - Suitable for dextro-protein life.
  • Habitat 6 (Voeld) - Life-sustaining temperate garden world.
  • Habitat 7 - Lush tropical paradise.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Edit

Upon arrival in the Heleus Cluster, the Andromeda Initiative found that none of the golden worlds were suitable for colonization due to the Scourge's debilitating influence. Habitat 1 is plagued by lethal radiation storms and high-speed winds. Habitat 2 is a desert hellscape with extreme heat and almost non-existent water. Habitat 3's ecology is unstable, with flora and fauna forced into accelerated, maladaptive growth cycles. Habitat 4's plentiful water is highly toxic. Habitat 5 was ravaged by the Scourge and is mostly a debris field. Habitat 6's orbit was altered, throwing the temperate world into an ice age. Habitat 7 suffers from constant electrical storms that have wiped out most life, extreme magnetic activity, and an unbreathable atmosphere.

References Edit

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