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Info Drone
Shadow Broker VI
Virtual Intelligence
Masculine Personality
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3

The Info Drone is a VI aboard the Shadow Broker Base that serves as an assistant to the Shadow Broker. It is later renamed Glyph.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

The drone serves as the Shadow Broker's personal assistant. The drone is a shell for a specialized data-processing VI custom-built to the Shadow Broker's specifications. Effectively a secretary, it follows Commander Shepard around the Intel Center.

It is programmed to recognize anyone in the room as the Shadow Broker, and dutifully notifies the "Broker" of recent news from across the galaxy. Reports include selling the Broker's stock in copper the day before an expected crash in the market, acquiring the soul name of the hanar leader of their Enkindlers religion, the odd purchases recently made by the turian Councilor's mistress and how she might be moving to a larger mansion, and obtaining the video equipment used to capture the duel between General Partinax and Kihilix Tanus on Taetrus.

Mass Effect 3 Edit

Sometime after the defeat of the old Shadow Broker, Cerberus tracks Liara's operation down. Knowing the ship isn't space worthy, Liara grabs as much equipment as she could and escapes with Feron (if he survived the attack on the base the previous year) and the drone aboard a shuttle to prevent Cerberus from capturing it. She then rams the base via remote control into a Cerberus cruiser, destroying it.

ME3 Glyph Normandy
Over time, Liara starts to call the drone "Glyph", which she now does 95% of the time, according to the drone itself. After the retrofit of the Normandy SR-2, Liara moves her equipment into Miranda Lawson's old quarters on Deck 3. Glyph is brought along, as it is still needed to coordinate the massive networks, and continues to assist Liara as the Shadow Broker from the room during the Reaper invasion.

Liara later incorporates Glyph into time capsules she has seeded on multiple planets in case they lose to the Reapers. Glyph will act as a guide providing a future cycle with information about the Reapers and Crucible.

Should Shepard refuse to activate the Crucible, the Reapers eventually win the war and continue the cycle of annihilation. One of Liara's time capsules is seen on an unknown planet, and Glyph is seen providing a recording of Liara explaining the contents of the capsule.

Mass Effect 3: Citadel Edit

Liara is accompanied by Glyph throughout Shepard's identity theft fiasco. Glyph is used to purchase tickets and make reservations to various events on the Citadel.

As Shepard brings the entire team out on a mission, Glyph follows into the archives as well. It gets repeatedly confused by Shepard's clone, as well as sidetracked by various historical information held in the archives, such as information on elcor mating rituals. During fights, Liara instructs Glyph to lower the enemy's morale by hovering over various targets and telling them statistical data on the likelihood of their survival, as well as helpful resources for applying to the Alliance military. Glyph later helps free Shepard and the squad after they have become trapped in iridium vaults by the clone and Maya Brooks.

After stopping the clone from stealing the Normandy, Glyph helps Shepard organize a party. When the party gets going, Glyph adds a bow-tie to its holographic avatar, and asks Shepard what mood to set for the party.

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