Description Edit

This submachine gun works on the same principles as the Spitfire: it shoots superconducting toroids that break apart on impact, retaining an electrical charge that flash-converts the shrapnel into plasma. Unlike the Spitfire, however, this smaller geth weapon has been modified to take thermal clips. Holding down the trigger speeds up its rate of fire, rapidly depleting the gun’s heat sink in exchange for nearly continuous fire.

Acquisition Edit

The Geth Plasma SMG is available after downloading the Mass Effect 3: Firefight Pack.

Player Notes Edit

  • Ammo mods serve well with this weapon, being able to trigger at breakneck speeds. In particular, Incendiary Ammo with the exploding rounds boost would allow the Geth Plasma SMG to tear armored and exposed targets to shreds in large numbers, even against Brutes and Ravagers.
  • Modded with damage and additional ammo, EDI can make very good use of this weapon and is quite capable of holding her own during a protracted firefight.
  • This weapon has a dizzying rate of fire and will burn through the hundred round magazine in seconds. Using the magazine and heat sink mods will greatly extend the amount of time you can fire.
  • Marksman is extremely powerful on this weapon. With rate of fire upgrades, the Geth SMG spits death out in all directions. The extra headshot damage ability can allow you to take out most enemies even on the hardest difficulties in moments.
  • Due to its lightweight and high rate of fire, the Geth Plasma SMG is useful for setting up power combos using ammo powers, e.g. a Soldier or Infiltrator using Cryo Ammo and then Concussive Shot or Incinerate respectively to set up a Cryo Explosion.
  • Unlike other Submachine Guns, using the Geth Plasma SMG prompts squadmates to keep their distance from the enemy instead of closing in.

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