Gavin Hossle is a human freelance scientist working for ExoGeni Corporation on Feros.

Mass Effect Edit

Gavin is among the few people who were cut off from Zhu's Hope colony and is hiding under the Prothean Skyway. When Commander Shepard arrives, he debates whether or not to ask for their help and comments on their apparent ability to survive in the facility. When he is addressed, Gavin claims he is concerned about the retrieval of some data, explaining that the data pertains to prototype weapon modifications and asks for Shepard's help to retrieve his files from a terminal in the ExoGeni facility.

Mass Effect 3 Edit

If Shepard retrieved the files for Hossle and Conrad Verner is still alive, Verner will call in for a favor from Hossle regarding the Crucible project and his contributions to it.

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