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Fusion Mods

Fusion Mods in Mass Effect Andromeda are powerful modifications for Ryder’s chest armor that can heavily impact the gameplay, with both negative and positive effects. These mods provide unique bonuses towards specific playstyles.

Mod of Shielding: gives 50% increased shields but reduces health by the 50%

Where to find? Eos vault activation

Mod of Robotics: 25% Tech Construct health and damage but 50% reduced shields

Where to find? Havarl vault activation

Mod of Adrenaline: recharges all active powers upon a kill but reduces power recharge speed by 50%

Where to find? To get this container, players need to complete A Dying Planet mission, read Addison’s email and then find the Remnant console just south of the burning pipeline inside a cave. Kill the lone Roekaar and interact with the Console. It will extend some ledges on the structure northeast of your position. Use them to get on top and activate a gravity well a bit western of your position. There you have to climb some more ledges. Using the gravity well will transport you to another Console that needs to be unlocked via a Remnant Puzzle. Solving this puzzle, clicking on the gravity well that brought you here will take you to a hiden room above the Entrance to Old Peelav. Inside you find a container and the Fusion Mod inside.

Mod of Resistance: +20 damage resistance but reduces health by 50 on Evade

Where to find? Voeld vault activation

Mod of Rapid Deployment: increased power recharge speeds by 50% at the cost of 30% reduced weapon damage

Where to find? Kadara vault activation

Mod of Rupture: 25% increased weapon headshot/weakpoint damage bonus for 70% reduced weapon clip size

Where to find? Elaaden vault activation

Mod of Biotic Mastery: 30% increased Biotic Power damage for 20% reduced weapon, melee, tech and combat power damage

Where to find? Neutralize Eos Architect

Mod of Hovering: 100% increased Hover duration for 30% reduced weapon damage

Where to find? Neutralize Voeld Architect

Mod of Tech Mastery: 30% increased Tech Power damage but 20% reduced melee, weapon, biotic and combat damage

Where to find? Neutralize Elaaden Architect

Mod of Battering: 30% improved melee damage at the cost of 20% reduced weapon, tech, biotic and combat power

Where to find? Neutralize Kadara Architect

Mod of Health: 100% increased health at the cost of 50% reduced shields

Where to find? Complete 'The Journey to Meridian' and defeat Archon’s Sword

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