A group of outlaws are on the H-047c mining helium-3, a potentially dangerous explosive substance. You've also found a partial passcode to their main base. To learn the extent of their plans, locate the rest of the passcode.


Straight to the west from the landing zone is a mining site protected by an orange energy shield. Upon entering Ryder is attacked by exile raiders. In the building is a datapad with a message for Alvis. The writer expects them to deplete the helium-3 at this site quickly. Someone named Krex will then add it to the stash. The end of the message is corrupted, but a partial passcode can be seen. Using the datapad starts the mission.

SAM informs that helium-3 is used for shuttle fuel.


The site with this datapad has many nodes of nickel.

Find code snippets (1/3)Edit

The two remaining code snippets can be found at two mining sites to the south: The eastern one is named Vespasien, and to west of that one is Peregrine. In both sites Ryder is attacked by the outlaws. In all three sites are objects that can be scanned for Milky Way research data.

  • Vespasien.
    • In the building are two datapads:
      • One has a message titled Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 025". It mentions they were tracking lockers from the salarian ark. A locker in the room is registered to a the Paarchero. So the salarians are out there somewhere.
      • The second says they can mine helium-3 here for another week. It seems that Krex is the leader. The message ends with a passcode fragment.
    • There are many nodes of platinum.
  • Peregrine
    • There is a datapad with a message to Krex and another segment of the passcode.
    • There are many nodes of uranium.

When all parts of the passcode are collected it's time to head for the Outlaw headquarters.

Locate the Outlaw headquartersEdit

The HQ is located in the crater Agneta. The HQ is in the innermost of two connected sites.

Enter the headquartersEdit

Defeat the outlaws in the first site. The use the passcode to open the airlock leading to the second - and the HQ.

Clear the headquartersEdit

Defeat the outlaws and the leader Krex.

There are many titanium nodes.

Discover Krex's plansEdit

Listening to the audio recording on a datapad makes it clear that someone named Elora obviously is the one Krex was working for. Her plans are to destroy the Initiative's colonies using bombs made of helium-3. Fortunately the plans are on a halt because there is some Remnant machine he outlaws havn't been able to start.

SAM's analysis leads to the conclusion that with the production of helium-3 up and running the Nexus' ships would have fuel supply for the next 368 years.

The mission completes and the follow-up mission The Remnant Tiller starts automatically.


530 xp, 73 AVP. (The 530 xp reward might be shown twice but you only get 530.)

Trivia Edit

Before this mission, Elora can be found at the wind farm on Kadara (where the missions Gone with the Wind and A Packaged Deal begin), talking to Yuri. After this mission Elora will be missing. Talking to Yuri reveals that the leader of Kadara Port discovered what Elora was up to, and wasn't pleased. If it's the Charlatan, Elora was exiled to Elaaden, where she wasn't expected to survive. If it's still Sloane, it's implied that Elora was simply killed.

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