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I am currently stuck on the section of the mission with the Brutes and the Banshee. I am playing as a Vanguard and my loadout out is as follows: Black Widow I, Geth Plasma Rifle V, M-9 Tempest V, and Heavy Claymore I and my squad consist of Garrus and James. I have no idea what goes wrong in the mission but the brutes keep destroying my team and I could really use some help here.WeAreLegion1 (talk) 15:31, May 8, 2014 (UTC)WeAreLegion1

I'll assume you already read this about the geography - basically there are several places you can run round-and-round an obstacle to keep the Brutes at range. Remember, Brutes aren't dangerous unless they're at close range, so keep them at long range. The fact that you're playing Vanguard suggests that your main problem is most likely that you're trying to do standard Vanguard close-range tactics and having problems -- so try the opposite: forget Charge and Nova except in emergencies and concentrate on staying as far away as possible. Obviously get Incendiary Ammo up on everybody, and Armor Piercing on Garrus (or share one of the abilities across the squad). Feel free to run through James' entire supply of grenades bang-bang-bang against the first Brute you see if you want to simply things a bit. His Carnage will also stagger a Brute briefly. I'd stick with midrange weapons and not try to go shotgun, for the same reasons outlined above. Once the second wave (Brute and Banshee) appears, switch to your Black Widow and take down the last Brute while it's far away. Then it's just a matter of playing run-around-the-circles against a single Banshee - back to midrange weapon. Lemme know if that helps. Cattlesquat (talk) 15:47, May 8, 2014 (UTC)