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Hey I created this account primarily to ask this.

As useful as the wiki has been there's something I'm not certain of. If I play my second playthrough on existing character, do those decisions override those of my first playthrough with that character? Or when I import over to ME2 will I be able to choose between the character's first 50 levels and relevant decisions, and his level 51-60 and relevant decisions?

Not really on-topic, but do you get more exp for assignments etc the higher the difficulty is?

You can choose to import either character. The way the save system works, is as soon as you defeat the Saren Husk, it makes a hard save of that character that can't be overridden during the transfer process. Then you can choose to import either one when you start Mass Effect 2.
As to the exp, you it is scaled up to match your level but it's all proportional. Meaning you get the same amount of exp for killing a Geth Trooper, but as you level up, bonuses are added to match your level. Lancer1289 13:43, September 16, 2011 (UTC)