Fortune's Den is a seedy bar and gambling hall on Omega. It was owned by a volus called Olthar, and had a krogan bouncer at the door as well as a human slave who served drinks. Though Fortune's Den was a non-human establishment, it served human drinks like beer (however, most humans were intelligent enough not to try them).

The quarian exile Golo had an 'arrangement' with Olthar to conduct meetings in Fortune's Den without being disturbed, and brought Pel there to discuss getting codes for the Migrant Fleet.

However, as part of the regularly-shifting territories on Omega, Fortune's Den soon came under 'new management'. By the time Lemm'Shal nar Tesleya arrived, Fortune's Den had been taken over by batarians who killed Olthar and his krogan 'pet', and mounted their heads behind the bar.

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