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Fornax is a magazine of human publication featuring acts of xenophilia, costing five credits an issue, and available on Omega.

Background Edit

Launched in 2167, the human-published magazine presents the galaxy with raunchy pictures of models from various races. With a predominance of unisexual asari models the publication also depicts both male and female quarians, drell, batarians, volus, and according to the in-game issue cover, hanar.

By its fifth year Fornax became the first human magazine to offer full five-sensory stimulation.

It has a monthly publishing of 127 million and is available both in hard-copy and for direct download. Specialty editions such as Genit-elcor and Krogasm service devoted but smaller markets.

Trivia Edit

  • Fornax is Latin for 'furnace' and seems an adequate name, given the nature of the magazine.
  • Fornax (originally called Fornax Chemica, lat. for chemical furnace) is the name of a star constellation.
  • Grunt, according to his Shadow Broker files, has purchased a Special Krogan edition of Fornax.

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