Recover Raashel Vier's data from the ruins of her jungle home [sic]

Acquisition Edit

Talk to Raashel Vier in Pelaav Research Station on Havarl to obtain this mission.

Walkthrough Edit

Raashel Vier is an archeoastronomer trying to find potential lost angaran worlds. However, when disaster struck Havarl, her home was ruined. She has found that possibly not all of her work was destroyed, but aggressive wildlife is keeping her away. She asks that Pathfinder Ryder investigate for her while she keeps in contact via comm.

Recover Data From Raashel's Personal Console Edit

Ruins of Raashel's Home is north of Pelaav Research Station. As Ryder approaches, Raashel informs Ryder via comm that Ryder is getting close to her home, while SAM notes that there are many agitated life forms nearby. Upon moving closer, Ryder will be attacked by several Challyrion.

Once Ryder reaches the ruined house, SAM informs Ryder that the computer system seems to be damaged. On closer inspection, it is indeed beyond repair. Reporting the news to Raashel, Ryder asks if she had backups; she did, but they went down as well, and the network memory center is now buried underground. Though the chances of finding a surface access point are slim, Ryder decides to take a look.

Find A Network Access Node Edit

On approach, SAM detects a reading for an active network node. Using the scanner, track down the computer visible next to a few rocks. Raashel is able to retrieve her data, and says that if her data could be saved, perhaps the research of others could be as well. This concludes the mission.

Rewards Edit