Disambiguous This article is about the Fitness power for the Sentinel class in Mass Effect 3. For an overview of the base power in Mass Effect 3, see Fitness (power). For the Talent in Mass Effect, see Fitness.

Fitness is a power in Mass Effect 3. Like the other variations, it focuses on increasing shields, health, and melee attack effectiveness. Once the Sentinel reaches Rank 5, the Sentinel can choose to increase the health and shields of their squadmates. At Rank 6, the Sentinel receives a Damage Protection bonus.

This power becomes available at Level 3 for Sentinels in single-player.

Power Ranks Edit

Rank 1: Fitness Edit

Put on some muscle and become fearless in close-quarters combat.

  • Health & Shield Bonus: +15%
  • Melee Damage Bonus: +15%

Rank 2: Durability Edit

Increase health and shield bonuses by 10%.

  • Health & Shield Bonus: +25%

Rank 3: Melee Damage Edit

Increase melee damage by 20%.

  • Melee Damage Bonus: +35%

Rank 4: Melee Damage/Durability Edit

Melee Damage

Increase melee damage bonus by 30%.

  • Melee Damage Bonus: +65%


Increase Health and shield bonuses by 15%.

  • Health & Shield Bonus: +40%

Rank 5: Squad Bonus/Shield Recharge Edit

Squad Bonus

Increase squadmate health and shields by 30%.

Shield Recharge

Decrease shield recharge delay by 15%.

Rank 6: Melee Synergy/Durability Edit

Melee Synergy

Increase melee damage bonus by 30%.
Increase damage protection by 20% for 30 seconds after an enemy is killed by heavy melee.

  • Melee Damage Bonus: +95% (Melee Damage), +65% (Durability)


Increase health and shield bonuses by 25%.

  • Health & Shield Bonus: +65% (Durability), +50% (Melee Damage)

Player Notes Edit

  • Unlike your teammates' Squad Health and Shield evolutions, such as Squad Bonus from Arms Master, that give benefits to the entire squad, the player does not gain any health and shield bonuses from Squad Bonus.

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