Firebase White

Firebase White is a multiplayer map in Mass Effect 3. It is located in a Cerberus base on Noveria in the Earth Systems Alliance Space. In single-player, the Galaxy at War mission N7: Cerberus Fighter Base takes place on this map.

Description Edit

The Horse Head Nebula is key to the southeastern front at the edge of human space, as the relay located there is the bridge between the human Exodus Cluster and the hanar homeworld of Kahje. Should the nebula fall, the Reapers will inflict massive casualties on the nearly defenseless hanar.[1]

Hazard Version Edit

ME3 Firebase White Hazard

Mass Effect 3: Retaliation adds a version of Firebase White that is set during a whiteout. Visibility is decreased outdoors, making it harder to see enemy forces approaching.

Locations Edit

Landing Pad Edit

Landing pad with a Cerberus fighter docked. Connects to the Upper Level (via two ramps), Stairs, and Lower Level (via ladder). Players begin and extract at this location.

Stairs Edit

Connecting area between the Upper Level (by ladder), the Lower Level, and Landing Pad.

Upper Level Edit

Walkway that oversees the length of the map. Connects to the Landing Pad (via two ramps), Stairs (by ladder), and the Hallway (two staircases). An ammo crate that grants 2 grenades (doubled on Bronze) is located against the railing on the path between the stairways leading down to the Hallway. Another ammo crate that grants 1 grenade (doubled on Bronze) is located in the corner overlooking the Landing Pad and the edge of the map.

Lower Level Edit

Lower pathway that connects to the Interior (doorway), Stairs, Landing Pad (Ladder), and Launch Ramp. New catwalks were added with the Mass Effect 3: Retaliation DLC, and the ammo crate (that grants 2 grenades, doubled on Bronze) was rotated 90 degrees to lie against the new railing.

Hallway Edit

Connecting stair landing between the Upper Level and Interior via two staircases each. The stairways against the backs of the map leading to the Upper Level and Interior were added with the Mass Effect 3: Retaliation DLC. The stairway leading to Interior (in the direction of the landing pad) also leads to an ammo crate that grants 2 grenades (doubled on Bronze).

Interior Edit

Cerberus building that connects to the Hallway (two staircases), Lower Level, and Launch Ramp (backdoor).

Launch Ramp Edit

Catwalk area at the back corner of the map. Connects to the Interior and Lower Level. An ammo crate that grants 2 grenades (doubled on Bronze) is located by the railing near the door to the Interior.

Player Notes Edit

  • Firebase White does not have an ammo dump at the extraction zone. The closest one is up the ramp on your right. Remember to grab some ammo before heading to the extraction zone or to conserve a Thermal Clip for the final wave. Extraction is still relatively easy. The parked fighter provides good cover and enemies have to come at the players in a straight line over a large distance no matter from what angle they approach.
  • There are 3 main holdout points on this map: a ledge overlooking both the courtyard and landing pad, perfect for sniping and crowd control; a small room down the back ramp from said ledge with only two points of entrance, allowing enemies to flow into choke points; and a final, larger room that enemies can approach from all directions but has plentiful cover, allowing for effective close combat. All three have an ammo dump fairly nearby.
  • The Interior area is no longer an efficient place to camp after the release of Retaliation. A new staircase was added that connects the Hallway and Interior behind the far L-shaped terminal, as well as another that provides a second connection between the Hallway and Upper Level. In addition, the catwalk area with the ladder that leads to the Landing Pad has also been made larger. These changes were done to prevent people from camping in the lower counters.[2]
  • Camping is still possible, but the locations have changed to the new hallways. The confined spaces make grenades, turrets, and powers such as Shockwave and Flamer effective.
  • Playing as classes who have visual overlays from Rage, Bloodlust, Hunter Mode, and similar abilities is ill-advised due to the almost complete blindness the whiteouts will cause in the outdoor areas.
  • Cerberus troops and their white colouring blend in extremely effectively on this map. It's advised to try to lure them indoors.

References Edit


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