ME3 Firebase Vancouver

Firebase Vancouver is a multiplayer map included in Mass Effect 3: Earth. It is set in Vancouver.[1]

Locations Edit


Rooftop landing pad. connects to the Upper and Lower Rooftops. Players begin the match at this location. This location is also a possible zone for extraction.

Lower RooftopsEdit

Large section of rooftop. Connects to Helipad, Upper Rooftops (ladder only), Offices, Ventilation Deck and Housing. This location is also a possible zone for extraction near the L-shaped ductwork.

Upper RooftopsEdit

Higher section of roof. Leads to the Offices, Helipad, and Lower Rooftop (ladder).


Medical wing. Connects to the Upper Rooftops, Lower Rooftops, and Ventilation Deck.

Ventilation DeckEdit

Area of ductwork. Connects to the Offices, Ventilation Housing, and Lower Rooftops.

Ventilation HousingEdit

Ductwork surrounded by a metal wall. Leads to Ventilation Deck and Lower Rooftops.

Player Notes Edit

  • A character with strong area-of-effect attacks, such as the N7 Slayer's Biotic Slash or the Project Phoenix Vanguard and Adept's Smash, is capable of singlehandedly halting the advance of massed infantry in certain locations of this map. The ladder between the offices and the ammo box is a perfect example; simply hide near the base of the ladder to protect yourself from enemy fire, then continuously spam your AoE as the advancing horde pours over the edge to rack up massive amounts of points and shut down a dangerous flanking attempt.
  • Extraction at the Lower Rooftops is extremely dangerous, as enemies will close in on your position from both directions and cover will not protect you. When fighting Reapers, Cobra Missile Launchers should be saved.
  • The offices provide a great place for your squad to hunker down. Enemies are funneled to just two directions. Both directions generally provide you with long lines of sight. There is ample cover, including cover that shields your flanks. There are also several places to initiate grabs. An ammo box can be located on one of the shelves against the back wall.
  • This map has two possible locations for Extraction, like Firebase Dagger, though they are very close to each other.

Trivia Edit

  • When standing in the corner of the lower rooftops, looking into the sky over the building you are on lets you see the shuttle parked in the sky. When extraction comes, this shuttle is animated as it flies in to pick you up.

References Edit


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