ME3 Firebase Rio
Firebase Rio is a multiplayer map included in Mass Effect 3: Earth. It is set on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro.[1]

Locations Edit

Central TowerEdit

Command room in the center of the map. Players begin the match at this location.

East BridgeEdit

Three parallel bridges that cross the eastern water channel. Connects the Relay Station and Loading Bay to the Control Tower.

West BridgeEdit

Three parallel bridges that cross the western water channel. Connects the Armored Core to the Control Tower.

Armored CoreEdit

Landing area with overlooking anti-aircraft batteries. Connects to the Helipad and West Bridge.

Relay StationEdit

Communications array. Connects to the Loading Bay and the East Bridge.

Loading DockEdit

Cargo Bay at the eastern end of the map. Connects to the Relay Station.


Landing area near the Armored Core. Extraction takes place at this location.

Player Notes Edit

  • The Central Tower makes for a great sniper nest. Not only do you have a good open view down both sides but there are two ammo crates very close by, so weapons like the M-98 Widow with low ammo capacity can be stocked easily.
    • For the same reasons the Central Tower is good for grenade-using characters like the N7 Demolisher Engineer.
    • Note, however, that much of the cover in the tower is positioned in such a way that being protected from your front exposes your rear. Be aware of potential attacks from behind.
  • The Loading Dock is a strong defensive location. It has ammo, plenty of cover, and long sightlines on the ramps leading from the Control Tower.
    • At the back of the Loading Dock is a container with an ammo box inside. Players are immune to most instant-kill attacks while inside this container, since most enemies capable of such attacks are too large to enter the container themselves (the Phantom being a notable exception) and the floor of the container is slightly elevated from the ground. This makes for a useful "panic room" on higher difficulties, when enemies capable of instant kills spawn in large numbers.

Trivia Edit

References Edit


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